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C Ar . 5. The ftrji Commandement. i t 5 as the good Father Zacharie fpeaketh, Luke I.75. And hereof it i3 that the Apoflle commending vs to many excellent points of brotherly loue , and duties of the fe- eond Table,willeth vs in them all to ferse the Lord, Rom. 12.1 I. So making a difference betweene Chriflian duties and Philofophicall vertues, As on theother fide, all fins, cuenoftine fecond Table, what iniurie foeucr they offer vntQmen, yet are indeed hem in filch a fort againfi: the diuine Maiefiie ; that the i Prophet Daaeid feared' not to fay ofthole two foule finnes of his , fpeaking as in com- parifon. e4gains7 thee , againft thee oney ( not againff Vriah,or his wife)haue Ifinned. This therefore is a vertue belonging to the whole Lavw,to doe \vhatfoeuer we doe, in obedience vetoGod : As the k ApoflIe faith , &eerie thing, whatfoeuerye doe, worke it from the heart, as to the Lord, and not to man : fukmit I your felnes to all manner ofordinance ofman for theLordsfare. mNines ,fis6rnitycur felvaes untoyour IIusbands,aa unto the Lord, n Seruants,obey your t)lafters according to the fiefh, &c. as to Chris`s , not with eye--fèruice;ar menpleaferr,6irt as theferuantsofChrifl; doing the will ofGodfromyoasr hearts, witha goodwill, fer- ssing the. Lord, andnot men. So that the contrarie to this obedience,is eye-fcruice, when wee doe good things as veto rnen,and not ofconfcience to God. For themanner ofthe doing,firfl,it bindeth the whole Çreature, thewhole flrength of the Creature,and in eue- rie thing requireth fo much the greater flrength, as the dutie doth more excel'. Thefe three mutt concurre for the makingof perfe6} righteoufuetfe. Vnder the terme of Creature, I comprehend all ones naturallpowers, that is to fay, in Angels their whole fpi ritual' natur®:in vs,the whole man, and whatfoeuer is of and inman; which fianding oftwoparts, the foule & the bodie, in the foule (as wee vfe by a generali name to call it) the Scripture is wont to note ( when it fpeaketh more ciifiin6iIy) two faculties or powers ; the mind or the fpi_ Z z rit, i Pfral.5i.6'c k Co1.3.1.3. 1 r.Pet.z.r3: `. m Ephe¡ f. bL.; n Ephef.6.5,6. With that whole iirength of theirnatu- ra'I integrities