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Thefart Booke of Diuinitie, CHAP .5. rit, that is to fay,the vnderílandingpart ofman,com pre- bending Knowledge, Iudgement, Confcience , Remem- brance, and the Soule (properly fo called ) the featofour Delire, Will, Affc&ions. To all which the Law ofGod extends , as may appeare by that the Apofle writeth, o I .Ti of j.s3. I. Their S. That your [pmt, fosle, andbodie may6e kept vnblarneable: for the Lawes ofGod are not like the laves ofmortali meu,which looke but to theoutward a,and are not able to reach the thoughts and intentions of the p Iohn4t.. heart : but God being a r Spirit his Lawes are alfo Renr.7 24. 4 fpirituall , and binde the whole Creature withinand without, from one end vnto another, euen the lea(+ and frnallea motion; foas there mull be both an Integritie of Nature, and a Righteoufneffe of A&ion : Integritie of Nature, or in a right frame and difpofition of all thofc parts and powers ; our mindes to be of aptneffe and abi- litie to know, difcerne, make confcienceof, and retaine the whole will of God , our foules prone, and inclining °tiely vnto good in our delires will, and affe6ions, the will being able ofit felfe, and his owne inward, free,vo- luntaric, and naturali motion , to choofe that which is good, and to reie& that which is cull! : and this we call Free-will. Laflly, our bodies to bee apt infliurents of offering good things to the foule , and of executing and performing of them ; which Integri tie of Nature (when all our parts and powers are conformable hereunto) the z Apoflle, i 2mm. 8. maketh a part of the Righteoufneffe 3óhits/ieema ofthe Law, or one thing ( among the reff ) of tb t whieb vivv, the Law required). The contrarie whereof is theoriginali íinne or naturali corruption,whereof we fhail haue caufe to fpeake hereafter. Likewife all oura5bons,invvard and outward,procee- ding from thofepowers,muf} bee holy and pure;the con- trarie whereofis a&uall finnc. Our mind therefore ought actually and indeed to know, difcerne, make confcience of, and remember the things that are good : our fouls both