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CH A P. 5. Thefir.0COifimandement. both to &fire co williand to affe& them our body and all the Members thereof,topra&ize andput then, in ex- ecution. All which, for the cxcellencie of the, Docarine, and becaufe here erpecially the Scripture preffeth mans obedience,it is neceffrie to goe torow in order,as they were propounded. Knov's ledge is the firfl,both in nature and worthineffe, as that wherein wee, moil refemble the DiuineEance. Geneas 3. Ne fhii bee at Gods , knowinggood and exit1 : It Randeth chiefly in the knowledge of God himfelfe;. then of chore duties which Lee requireth ofvs :f Know r Pfd.rto.3,, th4: IEHOVAH bee it God. t ThauSkL 0M O N my t Anne, know te Godofthyfathers, and[erne him. u Behold, u Rom,z,17,18. thouart nameda Jew, andre/74i in the Lan, and 1,0410 of God, and knoweil his WZ x Bee not foolifb,'but wader/land x Epker.1.17. what is the Will of the Lord. The contrarie whereof is ig-- norance of God and ofhis reuealed Will : whither refer 211 Errors and Herefies concerningeither God, his Per- lons andProperties, or any other point ofChriflianDo_ &ripe., Y But then verilynot knowing God, yes fatted tbofe y Gat4.18. that by natureare no galt, which arefrangers from the z Eplyel:4.18; lifeof god, through the ignorance that is in them,. a F a I.Pet.I.14. fbion net your fetters to the former lolls whichyou bad in your ignorance. Next, is iudgement or wifclotne, which is, as ir were, ale life °fourknowledge , and added by the, Apoffle one degree higher : b Thooknowejl hid will, and :rye the b 7tona.ig. things that differ. So he prayeth for the Philippins, that they e may difierne thing: that differ. And to the Rebrewes c hefaith, d Strongmeate brlangeth te themwhich areofage, d who through long cuffamhaue their wits exercifid todifcerne bothgood and eill. A prinCipall branchofthis, is the try- ingof Spirits e Dearly&domed, beleese not emeryMirit, e 1,10hti 4a. trie the Spirits whether they be ofGod. f Trie al things, 1.Tbe andkept that whtelo good. Hereby g are thofe noble fg 447/izff:7.:;. men Of Berea commended, that theyfearched the Scrip- I 3 tures, I I7