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CH A P.5. The firfsCom»aancdement. ) Secondly, Zeale; which as the Song of Y Salotnott y Cant,840, cloth defcribe, It is asftrong as death,aAs hardas t.hegrauc, the f arkles of it ,arefparkle:, nay, it fire of the flame of I A H, that is , which lah the mighticGod and lehouabr alone, by the povverfull light of his Spirit kindleth n our hearts neuer to goe oui.Of this the Apoftle fpeaketh, z Itisgood to beferment in agood thinQalw,ayes. But in the z Gä1.4.17. titmice of God it bath a fpeciall vié :The a zeale ofthy 1'f, houfe bath eaten mee vp. d .am b exceedingly zealous for b .!Qtt!.rß, JEHOVAH theGodofHeffs, bec,aufe the childrenof If- me/ bataeforfaken thy Couenant, brokend wne thy Altars, andElaine thy Prophets with the Sword:So z,Kings io. i6. ¡chu faith to Ionada6 the forme of RE c AB, Game with tne, andfee the zealesvhich Ihauefar I E tt o V A x. T e contrarie whereof is. Firtt, That whichourSauiour findeth fault within the Church ofLaodicea,lkno v c thyworkes,thatthouart nei- c Rtrs.,x Cher cold nor hot ; I would thouwert eyther cold or hot: but now 6ecarife thouart lake-warme, &r neither cold nor hotsit z Ct.coitie top4fé-,that ¡Jhallflew theeout ofray mouth. Secondly, Greedineffe to firne ; whenmen ¡blue as it were forarrrafterie,to goeone beforeanother in wicked- 9 'beingpas allg ie , olasethemfelues vp irs wan- d Bplie14.r . tonneffè, to the i'otifinittirfg alrvneleannefle with greeds.- nefe. Thirdly,WatchfuTeffe : whet untoour Sauiour loth fo often and fo cffe&ually perlïvade vs ; Take e heede, e .1337, watch andpray. And the things which Ifay rye", Ifay r '6 all; Watch, Watch f andpray; thatyou enter not into temp- f tation: The contrarie whereof , is that fleepineffe and browzineffe offpirit,which there fell vpon the po(lles, and Mat.2c,, 5. afwell vpon the wife as the foolifh gins, whilett the Tridegrootne tarryed and which the Church complaynethof in the g Canticles : 1 fiept , g Cara.( Whçreuprn-our Sauiour law it good to guevs en Iceni of t, 7'4 1 heed t*Pro felasesdeFt at any timeyour hearts h Ltike ;.- K 3 be