Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .D75 1628z

i 34 Thefirfl Bocke CH A P.5 , r a,tißt.g,ro. le oppr-effed withforfeitingand drotkenneffi andcares ofthis life, and lets that Dayconeuponjot at. vnawares. Watchfulncffe F andeth vpon two parts : The ftrfl is, that which preueuts all occafions of doing 'ill , and this is, as it were , a fence or hedge fet roundabout, to guard Gods Conamandements,tbat like-wild bcaís We íhoaald DOE breake in vpon them. . The woman Gen.3.3. had learned this Lcffon , and held it forth at the firfl valiantly , as a weapon ofgreat flrength to repell Satans forces , when Thee expoundetla the Commandment i of the Tree of Knowledge ofgcod andeaill,Thoss(halt tot Bate, to bee:as much as it hee had Paid, Thou halt not touch it. S A Lo MON alfv in his Pro, uerbskwarrteth vs not to come neerc the doore or gateof anHarlot. And the Apoflle i willeth vs to auoyde, not onely bodily filthineffe, but chambering and wantounefe, as means that leads veto it ; eipccially weeare to take good heed to our Senfes,our Eyes ,.our Eares,r c. and to our Tongue , that they make vs not to offend. In which fort, lob profe(feth of himfelfe, if In lockingvpon the Light when itdid Aisle , or the 11loone and precious Sk e,rr<y heart wad deceitred, andmy snout!.: did bite them., -, c.And againe, 1 haste nwade a couenant with trine eyes, that ;ljho: ldnot, lookeupona Maide. Hereupon the Wife, man o biddethvs mg to looks non theWine when it if led. And touching -the bares , he faith, flee thatorneth P his taresfrom: hearing.. the Law, his Prayer /hall bee abomina_ ticn. L4eVf_i(t of theTongue, wee haue to q DAV I D .I worth e,Exapple : 1 fail,1wilï take heedv;.ro my wayes, that l offend e not with my tongue : ¡ will k epe. a bridlevpon, moaeth,whileJ1 the wicked is before wee. Therefore here are commanded as ineanes and occafiont of good gaze.., rally, Fist+, a lawful' callings Frsery r ar54. , herein hee reap, called, therein let him abidewith God. Açcerdin ás entry. MO bath receincd, a gift, fa let hiks a4 a uifsr toad tathfr.