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C r-r A P.5. The fir f Commandement. i 35 ----- The contrarie whereof is no calling, or a finning and vnlawfull calling: ofwhich fort is that, AE s 19.19.41a- ny of themwhich vfederrontorm arts,brought their Boekes, and curved t.Lern before all men, andthey counted the price, andfound itf ftie thoufand pieces offi/wer. Second'ly,ls commandedlaboúr of bodie and minder alvvayes doing offornewhat that is gc7od and profitable. n t the f veate ofthy face (hilt thou eat thy bread. The t G.n 3.79. contrary whereofis Idleneff for as it is faid in common Prourerbe , and the Apoflle doth infìtìuate, a. ThefJ:3. i t. By doingnothing,men /mine to doe ill. Efpecially this doth for the moll part leade vsby the hand to thofe two f: ule finnes , Adulterie , and Stealth, as it brought I) A V I D, uwhilefl idlelyhe walkedvpand downe in the Kings heeds, u zSSa,3. firflyvnchaf+ely to cafe his eyes, then to burne with lull, and in the end to commit the ati of filthineffe with V- riahs Wife. And the Apoftle t;iueth this Rule as an excel- lent means to auoyde flcalth, Let x him that fiole, f eale x Ep1.ef.4.zgE no more, but rather let him labour , working with his hands the thing' that is good. Soz.Theff',zz. bee faith, Wee heare that therearc force which wale amongyou inordi- natel, thatworkenot at all, but arebufîe- bodies. Therefore them that are f tch, wee warneand exhort youby our Lo?d Iefii Chrif`_ that theywork,e with quietneff'c, and eat their' owne bread. And t.Tim.f.i 3.he blaraieth the Widdowes for being idle, andiroing vp and downehoufes, Thirdly, Hanefi recreation : a thing that fitteth vs for the ferúice of God and of eatery good dutie ; as Shoo. ting, Mufike, putting forth ofRiddles , and the like : for thee theWord ofGod doth by name fpeake of. So De- tid, z. Lw:.r.t 8. to teach the childrenof luAh to handle the Boiv, vrtered that Lamentation which is there extant ofSaul and 16;444ban. And himfelfe, by the fweetneffe his M rifike, refreflred the troubled heart of Saul, i.Sa o x6:34. Of the Other wee. have anExample in the Kid- die put_ forth by S A Ni 5'034 Out eifthe ea- 4 ter