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CH A P.5. The fret Commandement. 14 C A. &iof.ln which regard,to Thew how all ourThoughts, Defires, and Affeólions should thus bee taken vp , wlatn wee corne to deale withGod, it is Paid , Thou gJhalt /age q Mat.zx the Lordwith all thine heart, andwith all thy foule , and with all thyItrength : As if this were proper to the Du- ties ofthe firfl Table, which indeed loth but principally belong to them,and is byproportion tobe carried to the reti.Therefore the glorie ofGod ought to be dearer ve- to vs,then the fauing ofour ow»e f:arales : As the exam- ples o`A1fes and Paul doe teachvs ; r one defining to be r "o432'3 blotted out of the Booke of Life, rather then that Gods great Name.fhould be blasphemed among the Gentiles: The f ether, for the glorifying of God in the fauing of his Brethren the Nation of he lewes,vrifhing to be ana- thema, accuried from CLri i. But etpecially Chriíi.him- fclfe, as a moft abfolute 3nci perfee1 example of all righ.. teoufneífe , doth herein goe beforevs ; when the houre being corne wherein he.e was for our fakes to driinke vp the fall cup of the fieice wrath of his Father,and his foule perplexcd,that he knew not which way to turne hirn,yet he more regardeth the glorifyingofGod,then the failing ofhinafelfe from that houre , Now t is my foule tronble4. t And,vPhat£hall Ifay? Fatherfaueme£ roan this houre : but for that caafe am 1 come voto this houre. Father , ez,lortfie toy Name. And hereupon it is, that in all our Prayers we arc to fet that in the firfi place,as our Sauiour by theve- ry order ofhis heavenly Prayer teacheth: fo as if it could be imagined, that we had no need to aske for our flues ( which wee alwc.yes haue) yet the onely zeale of his glorie ought continually to flirre vs vp unto this dutie and that much more forcibly then all our owbae uccelli ties. The contrarie whereon, is Leine of theCeature a.- boue God. Hee u that louethfather pr mother more then. u Matote.37 wee, is not worthy of mee, They % Iossed the prarfè of men, x Ichs r :,43è more then the praife,ofGod.' Whither belongeth the lotie of our felues and of .worldly plcafures , of whichkinde oä