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Ic(Z Y f'bi?ip.3.14. z Mat';;. as i.Coroz.;r. b r.Cor.14.1. C Prs.zz.r. d r.Tian.6.s, Theftrft Bookeof 19 irsánitie, CH AP. r of people the Apoflie faith, YWhofe godis their belly. Secondly,When we comevnto our felues,the foule is to berefpeaed beforeall worldly commodities. z Seekj firft the Ktngdome ofGod and his righteoefneffe ,andall thefe thingsfnall as appendices bee casTvetoyou. 'So in fpi- 'rituall Graces euery one as it is more excellent : Defire a the beggifts and I will Phewyou a more excellent n'ay. Follow bafter loue,and corset after gifts ; but mere, thatye may prophetic of outward things.The body as a tobe e%lecmedmore then rayment : a goodname,vnors thengreat riches, andgrace andfaotour ;better thenRater orgold. And therefore to the things that concerne our owne good, firft , wee are toaske thofe that belong to the fauingof our foules, and that without exception ; next,the things for this prefent life , fo farre as God teeth them to bee good for vs. The contrarie whereof is that which the Apoflle fpeaketh of, Phil.3. 59.70mindeearthly things: and as hee faith in d another place, To imbracegodli- nefTe, not for it felfe, but for lucres fake. Thirdly,Cireumflances alfo of time ,place, perlon, and fuch like, ought to inforce our firengch andpowers. Paul,though he carryed himfelfe in all fincerity towards all, yet, 2.0or. 2. r 2. profeffeth, bee did it more aboun- dandy veto them. Fourthly , In things that are indifferent, the left, and fewer circumflances muti yeeld to themore and greater; vpon this reafon,Ez.ra being in a flraight,either topaffe' vnto Ierufalem with danger of his cwne life, and of theirs that went with h"m, or to give the King occafion to fufpeëi the truth which hee had taught him, preferred that rather; /was ufha.ned ( faith hee) Ezra 8.22. to hsk¿¿e oftheKing anArmie&Harfernen, to helps vsaaainri the enemie in theway, becaufewee had#eken to the Kin , fay_ the bandof onr God is vpon all them thatfeel¿ehim an goodneffe : But hispower andhis wrath is agaans`I all them thatforfakehim. In