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CHAP . 5 . Thefirft Commandement. asProuidence, Wifedome, Pretence, &c. The foole bath Paid in his heart , There isno sod. Teehavefaid , r It is in vain° tofereee Gad,cc. Wee haue God to bee our God , by cleauing to him, and worfhippinghim. This Difiribution ("Waftsgiuctit, Dent. l o. 20. Thou jbultfeave T E H o V A H thy God , and ferve bins. Thorn ,Malt clean°vntehim, andfweare by his Name. Cleaning,T call that flraight and holy bond, whereby we are tyed and glued as it were toGod, as the Apoflle fpeaketh, { He that isglwed to the Lord,isonefpirit.Ofthis it is faid, t Stickfail vnte I E H o v A H par God, a yon baue done vista this day. He exhorted a all, that withpurpefe ofheart theywonldcleaue to the Lord.Thecontrarie whet-. of, is that vrhich the Prophet fpeaketh of, x Curfed itthe man where heart dtpartethfrom I E Ho y Ax :Their 7 heart is farrefromme. Ifany man z withdrawhirnflfe,myfettle fha/l haue no pleafosre inhim. This cleauing to God , gro- weth from a refpet of that abfoluteneffe of all good things that are in him, and bath thefe parts : Fir(}, to loue him for his goodneffe , defiring nothing more then to bee ioynedvnto him, delighting to thinke and fpeakc of him and to doe the things that are plea- fing in his fight. By which notes and markes it is eafie for vs to examineourlouevetohim :aThew/bah lose I u H o- V A thy God with all thy heart,&c.The contrariewhere- of, is that hatredof God, whereofwe fpake before. Secondly, to rcuerencehim for his Holineffe, and the Maieflie of his prefence , before whom no vnfeemely thingmay come. b god is in Heauen, and thou art vpon the earth therefore let thy words befew. And thisas a bridle reyneth and keepeth vs backe from committingeither openwickednefTe, or ferret fumes. Whowould not bee afhamed to fpue in the faceof his Prince ? How much more fhouldwe blufb topowrc foarch our wickednes in the fight or pretence of this Kingof Kings, infinitely L 3 more 149 Pral.r4.I. r Malacb.3.r4. Theparts are two . one to cleauevnto him. f r.cor.ó.rg. t 4).z34 u dit:rx.z3. x 'evens.'7,5-. y Sri 26.13. z Letting, a Bext.6, 5. Reutrencing. b Ecclef.s.r.