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150 The firfi Booke of Diuinitie, CHAP .5. c Gen.6.1r. d Gen.13.13. e f Gen.r7.r. gg Exod.zo.;. h Gen.5.24. i lerern. y3.z3 k Hebr.t1.z6. Fearing, I RIM.4.18. Leuït. r 9.14. n o Reba:.s8. p 1.Péts.i7. q Ma1.a.6. Efay $,J3,r4. more glorious then all the Princes of the world ?There., fore Both the Holy Ghost aggrauate the finne of the old world : e That the Earthwascorrupted before God : and of the Sodoraitsthat d they were exceeding frnner.r before IE- III o V AH , that is , without all reuerence daring in his pretence , and as it were hee looking on , to commit all kind of filthineffe. And the Wife man e vfeth this as a molt effetuall Argument , to drawmen from the entice. ments of fin, vnder that one of theftrange woman,com.. prehencling all the reft , Forthat the wages ofeuery one are before the eyes of I E H O V A H. For the other , common are the exhortations in the Scripture, f Wake: before me, and bevpright : And g thoufialt haue none ethergods before myface. E rt o c H h is alto commended , that bee walked with God. And the Prophet lereanie i notably cnforccth this reafon, Can anyman ye hid indarkenefe, and Inot fee bim, faith I E H o V A H ? Doe not I fill Heauenandearth ? The contrarie whereof is prophaneneffe of heart : k Let there be nopropbaneperfen, as E s AV ,C7c. Thirdly , to feare him for his power and Iuaice, not with a fèruile feare , which hath paine and torture in ir, and fetteth the confcience,as it were vpon a' Rack : but with a filiall and childlike feare : that is to fay , not fo much for feare of punifh meat as for feare of offending fogood and fo gratious a Father. Thou m fhalt net entire the Deafe , neither put a flumblingblocke before the blinde, but 'haltfeare t h y Cod : 1 am I E H o V AH. Who n would notfeare thee, &c. feeing Power relleth in thee f Let o vi labour topleafe God with reuerence and feare : for euen our God is a confutning fire. If P youcall him Father, which without rcFj;eíl ofperfans iudgeth entry one according to his work e, paffeyour time of dwelling here in feare. If Ibee F tnc r , where is my feare ? Fearer not the feare of this people , nor terrifieyour jellies. I E H O V A H ofHofla him fanllifae :let him be your feare, and let him bee your ter- retire Where these two kindes of feare are plainely di- flinguithed