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CHAP .5. Thefirfi Commandment. ftixlguifhed : The contrary whereof,is contempt ofGod, like toPharaoh, Who is (It HOVAH, &c. Fcurthly,tobeleeue him for his Truth and Faithfulnes to performe whatfoeuer hee fpeaketh, as hee faith inthe Pfalrnes, t I will not alter that which is proceeded out ofmy mouth, nor fall fiemy faith. The lacke ofthis Grace be- reaued thofe two worthy Saints of God OWof- and Aaron,of that great blelling ( which they fo muchdefi- red) to condu&Gods people into the Land of Promife, Becaufe u yee beleeued mee not , to fanfl ifemee in the pre- fence of the Children of Ifrael thereforeyeefbal not bring tbid Congregation into the Landwhich 1 bane linen them. The contrarie of it is doubtfulnelfe concerning the Truthof Gods protnifes or iudgements, whether pre- fent or tocome. 1 % [aid inmy heart, All menare Lyars. Whence commeth tempting of God, when throughdi- firuíl and vnbeliefe wee feeke fignes of his Truth and Power : Y Thou fbalt not tempt the Lord thy Cod : z Nei- ther let vs tempt C,od,as they temptedbine,and were de/royed of Serpents. Fiahly,to truti and fet our faith and full affiance vpon him,in refpe6ofhis Power and Might,whereby he is a- ble to do it.Hereofthe *Apoille fetteth Abraham before vs for an example, the father of the fait hfull, Whocontra- rie to hope, beleeuedunder hope , being fully affrured, that what god had promifed, he wad able to performs. Andof hitnfelfehe faith b 1 mowwhom I haue beleeued, andam perfwaded that he is able to keepe the thingcommitted to him vnto that day. Agreeable. whereunto is the fpeech ofour Sauiour Chrif}, Of/ % Father is greater then aN, andnone(hall be able to takeyon out of his hand. And this may well bee thought the caufe, why the Lord himfeife fetteth that name in the fore-front ofhis Titles, I E H o- AH, I s H O V AH,The Nightie God,&s. And why the Apoilles Symbole, commonly called the Creed, compre- hending in fumme all the Articles ofourFaith,beginneth L 4 with 151 fExod.S.Z. Belecuing, t P/:g9.34,3S u xPfal.rró.rr. yMat.4.7. z r.Cora o.6,r® ?tufting and a Roen.4.2.r.` b i.iiM.t.ts. c lohet roA