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152 The,ftrf Bookeof Direinitie, CHAP.s, d Pfal.zz. 5,6. e Pfsl,z7.T,3. {2.i(in6,16. g Dan.3.t7. h Efay 7. 1 t. r,Tim.6.17. IC Icr.t7.5. Obad.v.3,4. with this,1 yeleette in God the Father efllmightie.For hol- ding this, there is nothing fo incredible to fl.eib and bloud, which wee will not belecue and depend vpon: doubting of this , there is none of Gods promifes fo cicere and certainc , which wee are not readie to call in guefliorf. Of this trufling in God we r'ad, They d cal led upon thee, andwere deltuered ; they trifled in thee, and were not confounded. God e is my light and my : whom Ihould 1 feare ? God is theilrcngth o fany l :fe, ofw&n fbeuld 16e afraid ? 4nd f hear,fwered , Fearenot :for they . that bewith vs,are more then they that hagainf$ vs. Thus wee muff truta in God, not onely when wee fee the meanes before vs, bit without, and euen contrarie to all meanes; as g SHEDRACH,MEsHACH, and A B E D N E G O did. The Godwhom we f rase, ír able to de- liucr vs out of the hot burning Furnace , and out of thy hands, ODing, hecandeliuer W. The contrarie hereof is, Firil, ditlrulf inGod ; as the wicked Achaz, , h being offered of God a figne, for the fircngtheningofhis faith, difdainfully loth anfwer, I will not aske a figne,'neither will I make tryall of In n o v A H, by committing vnto the hands of this I E H o v A H,(whom thou talkctl of) a matter of filchdanger and importance to the State, as is the Warre now inhand. Secondly, Confidence in the Creature, whether our felues,and the good things which God hath äiuen vs, as Friends,l-lonour, Credit,Wiledome, Riches,or whatfo- euer elfe i Exhort therich men in this World, that they trrtJl not in thevncertainty ofriches,but in the liuin,gGod,who mtniflreth to all men abundantly,_ &c. k Curfed is the man that hathhis confidence in man, andmah,,et hflefh his Arme. The 1 prideof there heart hath declined thee. Thou that dwell& in the clifes oftheRockfs, whofe habitation is high, that fag in thy heart, Who fhall bring mee downe to the ground? Though thouexalt thy felfe as the Eagle, andmake thy 4 among the Starres , thence will I bring theedoane, fait,