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CHA P. §. Theftr Commandement. 15.3 faith I E H O V A H, 2. Chron. Y6. 12. .Afa a Religious Prince is taxed, that in the extremitie of his fckneiie he fought not to theLord, but to Phyficia.ns. Sixthly, To hope in him, and patiently to expe6 and Waite for all good things at his hand , becaufe of his mercies, and the vnchangeableneffe of hisinature, who neuer repcnteth him of his prornifcs : For 113 the gifts and calling of god are without Repentance. It is n the . ouderfuli kindnelfeof I E H o v A H ,that we are not tonfo. med : for his merciesfaile not. Therefore ° will I E H O v AH waiteto doegrace vsttoyou. And therefore will bee lft vp himfelfe to haue mercie on you : for I E H o v Ax. is a God of vprightneffe and indgernent. Bleffd are all that, Waite onhim. Heereupon the PPfalmif} dothexhort vs,- Commit thywayunto l E H O V AH, and troll in him, and heJhall bring it to paffe: wait a patiently vpon I E H o v A H, and hope in him :fret not thy felfe for him that profereth im bis way., andfor the man that bringeth his enterprifes topate. Commit 9 thy workes to I E H O V A H, and thy thoughts Mall be direEied. The contrarie whereof, is defpaire :I r wouldnot Brethren haue you ignorant concerning them which are afieepe, that yee,furrow not, even its other which haue no hope. By this:our cleauingveto God , two vertues come to be wrov ,iht.within vs. Firfi,Patie-nce, in a chcerefull vndergoingof danger and troubles , without repining or vfng vnlawfull meanes to bee deliuered from them : and that by refling vpon his Wifedome , who hath the times when, and the meanes how to fend vs helpe , nurnbrcd before him. Though f he kill me, yet will l truf inhim. I was t dumbe, and openrdnot my mouth, becaufe thou diddefl it. The con- trarie whereof is impatience in affl.i&ions ; as that of I E R E t Y ,Curfed n be the Daywherein 1 was borne , and let not the Day wherein my c9Vlother bare mee, be bided. Row is it that I cameforth of the wombe, to fee labour and far., Flópin, in him m Rom. it r. zg. n o fI 30.19, p Pfal.373,.ta g Prau. X6.3... r X.The¿/.°4.r3a Fromwhence arifePatience and f 7ob 134. S. t Pfal.39. 9. U Ier.zoy*49t8.,