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154 The firfi Booke of Diuinitie, Cki A r.5. farrow, that my dayes'horsld be confirmed with Agnes ?And thewhole thirdChapter of ¡o6 bewrayeth his great ia- firmitie this way. Humilitie Secondly, Hurnilitie, to acknowledge all wee haue, to come fromGod ; and therefore in the confcience of our emptineffe , and of his bountic and goodnefl'e, to giue all glorieunto him alone ; whereof the Apof}lefaith, Let x I.cer.t.3r. him x thatglorieth, glorie in the Lord. Decks Y your felues y with lowlinef of mind : for God refifleth the proud, and giuethgrace to thehumble. Such an humbleheart was in x r.cbren.t9. % DA V I D . Tkine(faithhe)O I E H 0 V AH,is greatness, u,14. andpower, andglorie, andvittorie, andprefe : for allthat ie in Meanest andin Earth is thine : thine is the Kingdonse, O I E H O V A H , and thou excellefl as head ouer all. But who am I,andwhat is mypeople , that weefbould bee able to offer ',dimgly after this fort ? For all things come ofthee, andof thine stonehand takç a doe wegiue veto thee. The contrarie whereof, is pride andprefumption, boafting orglerying a 1.Cor.4.6,7. ofour felues. Now a tbere things, Brethren, I haue fagura- tiuel applyedunto mine ownefelfe , and A r' o ',Los for your fakes, that lee might learneby ys, that no man pre- fume abeam that which ss written , that one fwell not againf# another for any manscaufe : For who feparateth thee? And what haft thou, that thouhaft not receiued ? If thouhail re- ceiued it, why reioyce thou, as though thou hadfi not receiued it ? A notable example heereof is in Hered, whom the Angel of the Lord frnote, becaufe hegalenot glorie nn- toGod,AEts I2. The other . Worfhip,mufl needs be a part of the firfl Comm ande- worfhiphim ment : for whomwe worfhip,himwee acknowledge for our God. There is none fo brutifh, that loth otherwife. Contrary to this worfhip are, Firfl,Blafphemie, which is a rcproch of God, and a flat contempt with a highhand Lert.s4.Is,ri, agairzff his Maieflie : b t'kofoeuer curfeth has God, 'hall bears his finnes, and bee that blafphemeth the lame of I E H O V AH,Jball beput to death. Such wasthatofcur- fed