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E H A P. 5'. The ftr Commandement. 155 fed R A B S H AK E H: c Thud Jha11yes Pak! to H E Z E- C 2.RiaI.19.1o. K I A H King of Judah, and fay , Let not thy God deceiue thee, in whom thou truffe,raying,lerufalemJhall not bedeli. tiered into the handof the Icing of Afhur. Secondly, Wor- fhippingofany betdeGod : d Thou /halt worfhip the Lord d mattb.4. fa; thy God, and him oneyf+alt :boo fertde.And this ktath vnder it diuers kindes : Fira, Worfhipping of the Deuill, whether indirect Peekingvntohim, conjuring and inuocating of him , or in deuillifh meanes, thoughpretending other caufes. To the firfl , referre all vting of the helpe of an vn- cleane fpirit,wherewith one is poffeffed , or of forreFa. miliar; As the Mayden , which in the AEI:, ° booinga e .Atis r6.í6. fpirit ofdiuination,got her Mafere much adHantage withdi. wining. Of there the Prophet fpeaketh ï Thy voiceAd f Era' 0,4. beeout ofthe ground, like him that loath aJJiirit of dtuinati- on, and thy talking¡bdwhiffler out ofthe dug. Secondly, Sorcerie and Necromancie, where theDeuill is fought vnto in the forme of fore dead man , as in the forie of the Witch g of Endor, who rayfed vp the Deuill in the g likeneffe of Samuel, like an old man iapped in a mantle : r3, r5. for that it was not the true Samuel but a meere illufion ofSatan ; betide many other, this one reafon loth e-. wince, for that God had h refuted to anfwere Saul by h Ylerfe 6. Prophets, fuch as Samuel was. To the fecond belong Sooth-Paying, and Diuination ; by flying of Birds, looking into Beafls entrailes , as the Kingof Babel did, E ech.2I.2I. Who confeltedwith Idols, and looked into the liner. Star - gazing, Charmes, Mumbling of words, ca. [ling of Figures, &c. MOSES, Deut.a8.Io,Ia. hash all there together, Let none bee foundamong you that vfetb Witchcraft, or is ARegarder oftimee,er a Marker ofthe fy- iag of Fowle,, or a Sorcerer, or a Charmer, or that confulteth with Spirite, or a Sootb -foyer , or that aeketh cotinfell at the Dead. Where the pretence ofdoing good , which force obit& cloth no whit leffen the fione, feeing the glorie of