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156 The firfi Booke of Dittitaitie, CHAP .5. of God is alike impeached in them both. And therefore the goodWitch,no leffe then the other W itch,is abomi- nable inhis fight. And here all going to Witches, Con- jurers, and Soothfayers,and fuck hke,is alfocondemned: i If any turn( after [each a; wore with f irits , andafter Sooth Payers, togoe a wbooring after them, thenwill lPet my faceagainfl thatperfon,and curt himofffromamong hispeople, 1. Chro. r o.I 3. SAV L isfaid to haucdyedfor hoe tranfgref- fion principally, in that beefought, anddiked counfelof familiar Spirit. To this fecking to Sooth_fayers and Witches , the holy Ghofl oppof. th a Prophet , as the onely law['ll Minifler of God , tokno.v his will by: k For thefe Na- tions rrhich thou[halt pffffe, bark:nvetothefethat regard the times,and vntoSorcerer!. As for thee,I E H 'At f thy God doth not furffer thee to doe fo : I E H o V A H thy God will rayfe Tip unto thee a Prophet like untomee , from among yoto,euenof thy brethreur,vntohinoyee /hall hark*n, 1 When they(hall fay toyou, hqu, re at them that hauea ffhrit ofDi- rain4tion,andat the Soothfayers which whiffler andmursrure; Avoidnot apeople inquire at their God, from the lining to the dead? to theLaw and to the ref/monist ? Secondly, The worfhip of filfe gods, as the Heathen did ; lnpiter,Saturne, the Sunne,the Mootte, &c. where- in, vnder aPhew ofworshipping ofGod the Dcuill in- ax desde is worfhipped. r, Thole things which the Gentiles facrifice,tbey facrifice to Deuil,, and not unto God. e. nd I would not thatyeefhould hastefellowfhipWith Deuils.. Thirdly,Attributing religious reue- The Papifts teach rence to any Creature, Man, or Angell, that this religious how excellent foeuer : which fault lohn done to reuerence creatures bee _fo holy an Apoflle twice fell into , and as to Angels the is reprooued of the Angell for it : I Souks departed , n fell downe before the feet ofthe Angell, the Croffe, &c. to worfhip him. But hefaidTinto me, Take heed thou doe not ; for I am thy fellow leruant, &c. wer/hipGod. So ® `Teter, fceing Leuit.-io... k[4, s5a I Ifly oTa3Q s XtueC.tó.yo, dr 2.a.8. aaj