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E /I A P . S. The ft.r,Fia Commandement. 157 Peeing Corncliauglue himmore then a çittill honour, ray.. feth hint vp,and telleth him, I am alfo a man. Vnder the name, of w'orfhip, arc comprehended ge- nerally his whole feruice, and whatfoeuer hee comman- ded) for the glorifying of his Name , both publike exer- cifes of hearing the Word preached,partakingof the Sa- craments, &c. and p.rivate meditationof his Word and \Vorkes, &.c. More particularly , one fpeciall and principali branch of this feruice, is Prayer, the Flowre of all the ref!, with- out which , wee can affure no blelfl ng unto our fel.ues of any good thingwee doe inioy : For P etterie creatureof God isfanl-lified by the Wordofgod and Prayer. A noble and a worthy feruice ; fo acceptable unto him, that it is compared to In cenfeor fweet Perfume, Wax41.2. Let my Prayer be direr 'lead in thy fight as Incenfe, and the lifting vp my bonds, At anevening Sacrifice ; aliso to the dropsof 1 Home dropping from theHonie-combe ; It ífandeth both in Petition for all things ncedfull, and Thankefgi- aing for all wee haue ; cfpecially Inch good things as by Prayer wee obtaine of hire. Call r upon mee in the Dayof tremble : Sawi11I dalia:er thee, and thou)(halt glorie me, P P. v L , I. Tim. reckoneth vp foure kindes , De- precations, Prayers, Requefls, Thankeffitsing : But the firlc three arc all comprehended vndcr. Petition : beprectai- on,beiiig a Petition to be deliuered from hurtful! things, Prayer, noting a Petition for fome.geod thing; and Re_ quell, a Petition again(} thofe that wrongvs.. The contrarie hereof, is praying to any Creature, Saints, Angels, or rho_ foeiaer elfe, this being an honour that belongethtoGod alone ; for how f can limy call vpon him, in whom they haue not 6eleeated ? And God inthe Pfalme t willeth vs, Call vpon mee in the Day of trouble. cf The Papifts that teach Inuocation of Saints. Whichwor- £hip co:npre hendeth all kind of Ser- uice,Publike and Privatc. Oneprincipal! part whereof, is Prayer. P i.rin44 q Ctnt.4.11. RothPetition for the obtay- ningof good things,or tur- ningawayof cull], and. thankelgiuing for all we doe enjoy. r Pfal.5o.i f. f t