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THE SECOND BOOKE OF DIV INITIE, OF EMANVEL GOD AND MAN,OVR REDEE UER, CHAP. I. OfC ii. is r. H r s is the fortune of that Do&rine which , Twe hareconcerning Gob. The other follow- eth,concerning Eroanmel,Go D with vs. Emvotel (Gob with vs)is in one Perfon,the., Sonne ofGon , and veryMan, conceived of a Virginby the HolyG HOST:Who is all() CH It I s T , or Anoin- ted; called ofhis Father, euer fince theFall of Adaw, to be a Mediator betweene Go D and Man : of a Coue- nant,to faue throughFaith in him (that is,by apprehen- dingof the Coucnant) certaine fewMen , vs, homG o p .,. his Father hath chofen from Eternitic , and giuen vnta, him, te, let forth in them thepraife ofhis Mercie, This Couenant is called the Couenant ofGrace : And ratified by the Death ofHim that made ir, bath alto the Name of a TeRamtnto Being alwaves one and the fame in fubflance, it is ne, uerthel,ffe-diiiingu)fhQd , or diainCtly to be coalideted in the (Ad and New Tetiament. ,,' The Old I-Oat-ilea was the Couenant through Ca ax si r . to come. The , , *