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TheChíefe Points_ The New Teflament , is the C©uenant , through C H R I S T alreadie come I z s v s, the Sonne of (-Marie. a ®, CHAP.II. ofthePràeffhoodoffChr . OF the Office of Mediation , there bee two parts, Pries`hood, and Kingdome. Priefhood is in the things which he loth toGod for thole Ele&. The parts are ablation and Intercefcon. Oblation, is the offering vp of Himfelfe for them. It f}andeth in two things : Firí+, the fanaifying ofhis HumaneNature in all Ho- ilncffe, from the very fir(I moment of his Conception, for the workeofthe Mediation. Then in the performing of the molt excellent mea- fure ofObedience to the Law of God , that can poi3ï- biy fall vnto any Creature : One principali part where- of, are his Sufferings ; in taking vpon him our Sinnes, and the whole Curfe , both that of this Life, and the fulneffe ofit, due vnto them after Death. All which he fully fatisfied. The Curie vpon vs here, in the whole courfe of his life ; the fulneffe of the Curie , vpon the Creffe; andDeath, by dying; vnder thepower where- ofhe lay threedayes in theGraue. This righteoufnefl'e, or Obedience ,being the Righ- teoufneffe ofHim , who is bothGod and Man , doth cot}fcquently merit a like fupreme meafure of Bleffed- neffe; cuidently feene in the Glories that did follow his Sufferings and were in Souk or Bodie apart, or ioyntly in them both. In Souk hee went to hea_ ten , preîently after Death : His bodie bee rayfed from the Dcad , glorious , the third day, at the daw- ning of the Day : In his whole Perlon ( Soule and Body