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CHAP. I. concerning G D. riches bath of the wifedonzeand knowledge ofGod,howvn- dfearchable are his judgements, andhis wayes paidfinding oats DA v I D u alfo in the Pfalmer.There is no number or Tneafure ofhis vnderfianding. And when all things paff, prefent,and to come ;when the mofi inward and hidden corners of mens fecret affe&ions are knovwne vnto him : and as it were numbred before him ; x When there is no- thingcreatedwhich is not manifefi in hisfight,but al things are naked andopen to his eyes : muff it not ineed» follow, that this knowledgeofGod is infinite? and as it is infi_ nite,fo none but he can challenge ,t: For he only is Y wife, onely knoweth the hearts ofthe fonnes ofmen: He alone hach the honor of.fore- knovwrr,g things to corte,where- by, as by a mofi certaine and in!allible note, hee fetteth forth himfelfe to be difcerned from all falte gods, Efay 44 I , 2 :3 . Iam thefir-s1and the lail..andbetides me there is no God: For n ho,as I,declareth,andvi ereth this before,or ordereth this ^.intome, line 1 hauelet an euerlafi<ing people, that thefignes and things to come might bee vtteredvnto thew?Hauenot 1from that time vttered it vnto thee , de- clared it,andyou aremy rvitnefes ?Is there any Godbut me? 2. Strength. 3. Comehneffe and beautie. 4. Gracioufneffe,oran amiable and lonelynature. 5. A complete furniture ofRiches, and ofallkinde ofpleafures anddelights. God thus garnifhed and beret with whatfoeuerperfe- ¿ions the heart of man can thinke, yea, infinitely abone that that men or Angels arc able to conceiue , is alone happie and blefled , as the a Apoflle calleth him , That hIcjJédand onely Potentate. Fooliff men place happine{fe in the good things, as they terme them, of bodie, mind, and fortune. In all thefe, how doth the Lord excell, but after his ovine, that is, a heauenly and vnfpeakable fort! ABodie is commendedby thefe two qualities, if it bee ftrong and faire. b Iehouah, faith the Pfalmif}, is clothed C with u Pfzt.l.y?.I x HeS.4.13. y Ronr.t6.7.7. I.7im.1.17. 1u;lever¡: 25. z .i(,ig. z13.9. Strength. ComelineTe and beauue. Gracioafnefl or an amiable and louelyna- ture. A complete furniture of riches, honor .. and of all kind of plea'ures and delights, a I.Tim.6.ry. bPfal93.t.Q.