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e loh.z55 k .1 t 7.T. m Gen Igaz. a Prl.a4.t. o Hag. z.3. p Pfàl.g®.1©,II 4 TÌaé 66, 3,, ttriivv- r Pf1.6R.5. tà1z`13azz`oi fif'ai.,3e.9. t .Pfal, Thefir', Booke®fDiitnitie, CH A P. I/, withglorie , he bathgirthimfelfewith lrength. Againe, c Glorieand corelineffe is before him , f renucth and orna- ment in his S.tnatearie. 111 another d place, he cryeth out, O I E r. (ay A rt,thou art exceedinggreat, thou hall. clothed thyfelfe with corne- lineffe andbeautie, covering thy felfe with light as with a garrent.Ifany thing in th: World beglorious and beau.. titull the Stanne, theMoone, the Starres and heauenly Planets are Co without comparifon. But Looke 7,p, faith e Btldtd, in the Boolteof T os,eaten veto the Moone, and it doth notfloine jest,the Planets are notpare in his eyes:that is, are exceeding darke , if they be compared with him. Notable is that of ELI Hy , f Mencannot abide to l00%e vpon theSwine , when thegolden light commeth from the ?firth ; dutin God there is a more reverendkindofglorie. To conclude, hec is the ftrong Go i, who h alone kath immortalitie,and one!), is i incorruptible er not fub,e& to decay. A thing that fallcth not into any Body or nature befides,by it felfe, and of it Celle. What of the goods of Fortune (fondly fo called) where Honour and Riches haue the preeminence? kHe u rich,1 411 fufcient,rhepof.- fefor m ofHeauen andEarth : needing nothing, but ha- iling all things, and miniflring abundantlyynto thole that need.n TheEarth is the Lord, andall that doth reple- nisfb it.. M'ne,faith o he,is Gold, andSilkier is inine.P Mine is emery b0of the Forre3 ,and the Cattell 7101'14 thoufand ddrls. Ì knowall the Birdsofthe Mountaines ,and the wild Teatsof the field aremine. This is bee, whommen and Angels honour, weneni'p, adore; yea, the Deuils them- feint, with trembling are forced againfl their wils to magnifie, and the proud q enentie counterfeits a fubie- thon. Therefore alí, his Name .s great , and he is fa- mous throughout the World. And ifpleafures conic in- to tris account , the t triumphal) Chariot whereonbee ridet h, i sfweetnelfeanddelisht itfe!Fe , corrieline(fe { carri- eth the Macebefore him , and tat his right hand areplea- aires