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CHAP. I. .-..-...., .1.1 concerning G o D. 19 luresforeuermore. Yea, what is our blefiednefle eltea but to feehim face to face ? And when as ioy R andglad - nfífe,mirth,and fnging,are r.he portionofhis Children: What fhall we thinke his fulneffe tobe ? But in the ver- tues of the minc'e,how he glittereth and fhtneth ! Theo- rike, Pratbike, Morall , , of the vnder! an- ding, andofthe will. No ignorance can init., leadehim: no affedtors can difquitt him : no patriots can lay held upon him: with y him is counfell and wifedome , his is knowledge and vnderlanding ,be is wife in aduifïng, iufi in decreeing, mighty in the executingof his coun- 'fiels. As for Helineffe, Mercie, Truth , Kindneffe, they take vp their dwelling inhim ; ya,his very nature is no- thing elfc: but the perfeélion ofthem all. But doth this blefedueffe of God tell onely in himfelfe, and reacheth it no farther ? Yes verily,he iti not onely in himfelfe , and of hitnfelt'e, and by nature blefred , but bee is the Foun- taine of bleffedneffe CO other. Hee % maketh bleffed by giuing righteoufncffe,forgiuingthanes through his Son, purging the confcience,fandlifying the heart unto obe- dience. Finally, by making men and Angels partakers of his moll gracious and bìeffed pre:trice in Heaven : To himbe honour and praife tor euer. Wee haue hitherto.tpoken of the good and perfe& thing: that are in God, His perfeet and incommunicable mannerof hauingof them, flandeth in infiniteneffe and eternitie. Bothof them filch as no mannor Angell is ca- pable of. nor can be communicated to any crearui e. By infiwiireneíle , I meane an vnmeacurable tower, Wifedome, Glorie, Goodneffe, Greatneffe, filling Hea- uen and earth,and being every where prefcnr,within and without the World, whereof there bec marry cuident tel +imonies in the Scripture : Jeremy 13. 25. Doe not I fill HeartenandEarth ,faith I í. No V A H ? Pfalm. i :;9 .7. whitherfhould 1 gofrow thySpirit ? orwhitherfhould1flye frorn thyprefence? If*odd climbe the Heaxens ,thusart C there, u rfa:s7 S xEfy3KTo. y P!9&,S.I4E Iofi.. i.t3. z pjal.3x.i,s ThcCe arthe perfec4 things themíèlues. Hisperf._ft & incumnlc:nica- bic manner of hauingof thc-m,is 1nfi- u.tcnetTe met Eternirie, Infioircne%, w rebyhe is without cir. cumfcripti®n.