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20 there,or lav my bed in the Craue;6ehold,thouart prefent.lf If7o,ild take the wings of theMorning.,nddwell in the vt_ tcrmosspart of the Earth , euen thither f -oasld thy hand leademe,and thy right hand layhold upon rnee, Efary 66. I. 17eauen is my Throne, and the Earth is my Footffoole. As for chofe places of Scripture , where God is laid to re.. mooue from one place vnto another , as Genef. i a. 5. I E H O VA H went downe tofee the Citze and the 7'owre which thefonne.c o fmenhad built : and Genef, i 8. z i H oV A Hfailveto AB R A H A M, Beconefc the cry ofSo- dome and Gomorrah is verymuch , itnd becanfe theirfanne is verygreat, 1 willgoe downe tofee whether according to the cry that is come vp vntome, they haue done things wor- thieofds'rut[ion, ifnot,that 1may know: This and what- foeuer like,is fpoken after the manner of men, to difcend to our capacitie, not that truly and properly there is any change of place in God. GoA therefore is in all places at once, not onely by his vertue and power, but in his whole infinite effence; yet wemuff not imagine grofely of him, to thinke that either he is mixed with the Crea- tures ( for that is contraríe to his moR perfe61,fingle na- ture) or that by the filth and contagion of the creature hit felfc can be polluted:(for that is contrary tohis mot' perfe& holy nature:) but in fuch a fort he is prefent,as is heaueuly and fpirituall , and incamprehenlble. And al- beit, by nature wee feeke God in the Heauens , and out Sauiour Chritl hath taught vs to fay , Our Father which art in .Heaaten, that is not in refpea ofhis effence; and as may fay, ofhis very prefence,that bee is rather in Hea- lien then in Earth, or dwellcth rather in his Church,then in prophatne Synagogues; in the hearts of his Saints, then in the wicked : hut in rrfpe&of his working, and more fpeciall grace,or of the cleerer manifeflation of his a Fro d .r. glorie , as hee faith , a In Heauen is "Throne. Thron And the 1+1z9,7. Prophet b D Av I o, In his Temple he vttereth all hisglo- rie. And that thiseuery where prelençe loth onely be- long The firBooke ofDiainitie, CH A P. I.