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28 Thefill Bockeof .Dirainitie, CHA r.i. there is norcan be but one onelyGod, for thecawfes be. fore alleaged , yet the Scripture telleth vs , that in this moll limpie and tingle elfence there be three fubfifleaces or perfons,truly fubfafling,whereofeuery one is diflin&,& from other,and each bath thewhole Godhead inhim. The Father is The Father which eternally begat the Sonne. The a Perron, Sonne eternallybegotten ofthe Farher.The HolyGhoft which from all eternally proceeding both from theFather and the Son. eternitie hash And there three Perfons,are all oneGod, or ene Diuine begotten the Sonne. Nature. The Sonne is The Scripture is wont to exprefíe themvnder the name a Perlon from ofElohim (gods:) not as if there were more gods then all eternitie, one,but to note thedicers fubfifiences in theGod-head, begotten of as youmay fee D.6. E a y 54' S and in a number of the Father. y eut4' f The Holy clthm placcs,and therforevfeth for the molt part tocou- Ghoil is a Per- pie it with aVibe fingular. Wee call themPerfons,be- fon, eternally caufe they are lining & vrderflanding natures,fubffling proceeding by themfel.ues,which are the things that make a Perron. from the Fa- ther and the For firll,.brute creatures areno perlons, becaufe hauing Sonne. lifc,yet theywant vnderaanding.Secondiy,cueryperfon muff fubfia , that is , be force one particular thing , as John, Peter, &c. For the whole natureof man wee doe mot call a perfon, but a thing common tomanyperlons. Thirdly,this fubfillence muff beby it felfe,neither the part of another thing, nor fuflained ofanother thing,as the Souleof a man, whilefl it is coupled with the Body, fubiîaing all that while not alone,bu t together with the Body,is not called a perfon.And fowee rightly fay,that the hurnanitieofChria,confiflingofa reaf'onableSoule andBody, as all other men doe, yet in himmakethnot a perfon (as it doth inJohnand Peter) becaufe it fubfifieth not alone, but in theDeitie which fupporteth it. To prooue theSonne , and HolyGhófl, sasofitaans Serugus,&re snake the Sonneand eternal!WordofGod , a bareidea, and imaginary thing : The Holy Ghostnothingelfe but an operation or moouing , wherebyGodworketh inhit Children: Md forob theChurchofthe trucGod, bleffed foreucreíwn . is