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CHAP.!. concerning G OD. 29 to be perlons truly fubfiRing indued with iudgennent, will vrrderRanding, and a lining nature , not bare quali- ties or anions the place of Genets a is moll cleere and fubien to no cauill, Let vs rn.a(e roan according to our I_ mtge. God the Father coofulceth nor there with his An- gels ( for the glorie ofCreation he referueth to himfelfe alone , neither was man made to the Imageof Angels, but of God) hee fpeaketh not of himfelfe in the plurali number, for honour fake : ( for that kind of fpeech you (hall not finde fo ancient , nor knowne to the former Ages )but he fpeaketh and confultedr (after his manner which is Diuine,and Spirituall) with his Sonne andho- ly Spirit,which how could it be if they werenot vnder- flanding fubflances ? Se in thediuifion ofTongues he taketh counfell,Ceme, P let vsgoedowneand confound their (]'eech,This was not with the Angels, but with the Sonne and Holy Ghofl : For flraightway (_Atofes addeth , So JEHOVAH fcatte- red them. Touching theSonne, In the beginningwas the Word, lohn 1.2. was, that is,truely fubfifled, for fo is the nature ofthat word. How could hee bee the g onely begottenSonneo fGod, borne before any thingwad created, it hee were not a li_ wing perfon? He that f knoweth all the fecrets of his Fa- ther, as perfectly, as if they were numbred before him, muff not bee needs bee w!fe himfelfe , and ofanvnder- ftandingfub(lance? And how can he elfe bee tempted, as Paul' faith , that forne of the Fathers in the Wrlder- neffe tempted him ? To conclude, what can bee more plaine, then that in the ti Prouerbs, where hee is faid, be- fore the World was made, to haue beene the daily delight of God, f]Jorting before him continually., and in lohn 17. 5, to haue beene glorious with his Father before the World was? Whereunto ad.dc the effccrts attributed un- to him : hee wreRled with ¡acob , fpake and bleffed him, o G:n.1.26. p q John I.Yó. - r CoM%t.i ÿ;, f D.vT.9.1 3. t 3.COr.Io.9. u.Pron.8.3o0 x co.npar. d withHojee,.