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3° y Pebts 16.10. Thefrrfi Booke ofDiuinitie, r.TbeQ:S.Ig. 3 Aas 2.4. b 1.COr.IE.18. C COr.Ib.II. d r.ror.2.Ir, e ftob.R6,t4,'S g lobol6.t3. h Er:av k Efuv63.I¢. Z Lrate r.3 S. III Tohn T4.r6. and IS.ab.and 16.13. CHAP.I. him, came out From the Fathersvahen he Y came into the World, &c. Touching theSpirit,although weegrant this word to be oftenvied by a Metonymic of the caule; fonnetimes, for themotions and working of the Spirit m the faith- full,as when % Eau! 'faith , isench not the Spirit: fome- times,for the grace and gifts themfelues,t1 rought by the Spirit,ir, which ff nfe,a the diuerfityofTongues is called the ho`y Spirit : yet there want not infinite tef?imonies, to prooue the Spirit properly taken, not onely difiin from the graces which it worketh ( which the Apoftle doth grin fi b euidently, Paying , There be diuerfrtie ofgra- ces but the felrefame Spirit) but to be withal) a 'wing and vnderflanding fubfiancr-. Therefbre to him is attri buted will, ( and that amoíf free and volantarrewill) c He disiributeth to emery one according as he will: Know- ledge. a None knorweth the thins ofGod; but the .j pírit of God : ludgement. e Itfeemeth rood to the Holy Ghofand to vs , hearing and declaring the fame toothers, f Of mine[hailhe take, faith Chri(f, and declare toyou. Againe, g whatoetter he heareth,, hefhallfpeake. And if bee were no liaiug and vndertianding fùb- ance, how couldhe be grieucd , as the Prophet 1peaketh? k The, grseuedht Spirit. His aaions likewite prooue the fame.. i He.enoyn- tedChris, feat him topreach vote thePoore, k led thepee. plc ofIfragilthorow the g'ilderneffe.t The Hoy gho,flr(taich the Angell to M A RY) fhaíl come vpon thee andoverfh .. dory thee: framing and creating out ofthy fubilance, the flefh or humane nature of Chr11+. OurSauiour in John ealleth him m a Comforter: he faith not, comfort it felfe, but a Comforter, that is , a liming and vndertlanding perfori, comfortingGods Elea'. The point of their perfonall fubfif ence being thus elected , let vs goe on to that which followeth. There be in all four things to be confìdcred , touching thetc perfons. Firf+,