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CHAP.I. concerning Gob. Ssbellius , who Firfl,That theyare each ditlina from o- as the former, then , feucrall and difliné3 perlons. When robbeth vs of thole perfons, I oH N e faith, that the word,was with God, n rim Lt. but in a more that is with the Father,as in another place o r.lehtt z,:... fubtillmanner, he doth expound it:ifhe did not meant that So infinite are it had force thing proper to it felfe , betide the Lights theefpence common with themboth hehad Saran, who to deceiue and a- (which is to be detefled) miflaken his kind bufe the world, of fpeech : and hereunto it ferueth , that changeth him- Chrift exprefly calleth the Father another fa dformes then himfelfe, John s. 3 3. There is another land formes. For granting that beareth witnefe ofme. So of the Spirit, the Sonne and Zahn 14.16. I will pray the Father and hee holy Spirit to fballgiueyou another Comforter,.the Spirit of be perlonstru- Truth : as in the r next Chapter bee doth p loba15.2,4.. ly fubuíling,di- tune, eternall, expou :d hitzfelfe. And how elfe could the andvncreateà: comparifon ftand,T'hat the 9 Sonne is eguall q Phil.s,6, yet h:e takeih with God, his Father,vnlefle there be a di- awiy lldifl,n- flindion betweeue them? But among all Rion bctwecnc the Father and other, that place is very r notable ,where, r lob4S,t,.r9, them ,andma- to the mill of the !ewes , excepting that r ;,tó,t7a8. . keth but one the teflimony ofour Sauiour.ChriU was not God-head, in the true, becaufe he bare record ofhimfelfe,he As if God were anfwereth , IfI iudge any thing, nay witnefe termed,tho Fa- is true,for Iamnot alone , but there is Iand tiler, the Son, theFather thatfont ,nee. Now, inyour ozone and the Holy Law it it written , thkt thewitaeffe of two is Ghorl , no o- therwife, thon true: there is, I Beare witneffe ofenyfelfe, and as wee terme tkeFather that feat nsáe , beareth witnefe of one and the me,&c. mantfeftlym::kinghitnfelfe and his fame man ro Father two. As altoof the Spirit it Both be. wife, Lear- , f . (E pa 48,1i, aed, rich , &c, appeare in the Prophet Es AY , IL Ho -. r14 V A H bathfiat me, and his Spirit. The fecond point is, the Trtnitie of Perlons, euident and eleere by that which kath bcene faid,yet,for further ltuaration,it fhadl not be ainiffejto note from thebegin... ring,