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t GC;1.r.t,L. u Eray63.7.iz. x Hagz.5,6. y M4t.3.I6,17. and z.L st.r.7 The ftrf1 Booke ofDtttinìtie, CHAP . r. ping, fuck places as feruevndoubted1y to protïueic,tllat it may appeare, by what degrees the wítèdome of God bath from time to time made knowne fo great a Myfhety to his Church , which no reafon can dernonflrate, nor fince the fall could once haue entred into the thought or imagination ofman, if God had not reuealed it. In the firfl Chapter oftGenefis,M o s E s (though more obfcure- ly) layeth downe this fame God his Word and Spirit', The Spirit ofGod mooedvpon the Waters.AndG o r fad, Let therebe Light., &c. whom anon bee bringeth in, ta king counfcll together in the making of man , diuifion of Tongues,&c. as before we haue declared. Long after that,as it were,in a middle Age,Efay u loth reuiue it,and fpeaketh fomewhat playner:Ìwill declare thekÉndneffe of 1E H oV A H towards the hotafe ofIfrael,The .Knell ofhis face (Chrifl the Mediator between God and maa)fawed them : but they rebelled&grieuedhis holy Spirit, which he had put in the middefl ofthern.Lati of al,in the conclulion and winding vp (as it were) of the times ofthe Law,hee manifefleth it more fully by the hands of the X Prophet HAGGAI, Now therefore , ZERVBBABEL andIE H o s H VA, and allthepeople ofthe Land,beflrong,anddoe the worke,for Iam withyou, faith I a Ho VA H of Hoges, with my Word,inwhom !made a Couenant withyou, when you came out oFE ypt,é; my Spirit that abideth amongyou, And thus far out of the Old Teflamenr.In the New,as al other Myfleries of God, fo this efpecially is more cleer- ly reuealed by that great Prophet which was to come into the World,the High Priefl and Apollle ófour Pro- f( ffìon,yChrift Iefus ,vpon whom,inhis firfl imiration,to the worke of our Redemption (being himfelfe the Son, one of thefe three Perlons ) the other two fhewed them- felues fremHeauen.The holy Ghofl in his gifts and gra- ces,reprefentedby the vifible fhape of a Doue: the Father by his voice from the Seate ofGlorie, This is ay beloued Sonne,inwhom 1 amwell pleafed,ln his lati farewell to his Dtf