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CHAP.I. ce>ocerning GOD* 35 Sometines, hee is Paid to bee font from the Father, or to proceed from theFather, which is all one , fometime to be f nt from the Sonne,Ioh. i 5.26. The errerof the Greeke But when the Comforterfhall come, Churches, who deny the fahar I mill fend 4111t0100 iom.j Holy Ghofts proceeding from theSonne. the Father , the Spirit of Tra:th, which proceedeth from the Father. Arius, denied Chrif} to As touching the God-head of beof the famenature with thrfe three Perlons. Of the Fa- his Father,but as it werea f:condarìe god; acknow- theme man euer doubted. But ledging heewas an excel- the God-head of the Sonne, and lent Creature, created be- holy GhofF,forne Heretikes haue fore the World , by whom called in queflion : wherefore to God created the World, and Caned Mankind, and conflrme our faith herein , let vs therefore as a God in take Arguments for them both. office to bee adored, not For the God -head of the Sonne, inElïence.Thcbiteof the we haue there : firm, He it I AH, Holy Ghoft. But finer it is plaine, I E H O V A H,EH I E HGhat is to that God made all things fay, being, or perfeFlion it felfe. in fixe daies , both the Pfa1.68.19. eAfcendinQ on high, sonne and the Spirit, if thou leddefcaptiuitie captiue, and they were creatures, molt gauest gifts vetomen,euen the Re. haue beetle comprehen- ded in that worke. bets, thou dwelling there(that is to fay,in Heauen) ledde i captiue, O IAH, God, meaning Chriff. To whole Af.eníon the A- po(lle Both apply it, Ephef. 4.8. EH I E H he ealleth him- felfe manifef}ly,Iohn 8.5 8.Refore ABRAH A M war made, 1 am.Not made,but ofmy felfe, andFrommy felfe,with- out beginning: for that is the force of am, elegantly op- pofed veto made. The name I E H O V A H is giuen him, gen.4.I.hE V E eonceitaed e3. bare KA I N ,andfaid,lpo ffffè h This Inter- pretation, floweth natu- rally from the HebrewText, Bclìdc it, there. bee two other, whichof all the raft feeme moil probable. One is le- rom:s With or by Iehouab, that is,by bis good- nelle and blel- fing, cup But in that fcnfc it lhould haue beene not M1t ht Theother is that of Tre- mellius andDe- nies (which is allo therecei- ued interl,re- ration.) I bane gottenaman from Ichouah, by an Ellypfiso1 the Prepolitt_ on, .\'1:1 as G:n, 4.e.1. and Dent. 3 4.t. But neither doe thofe places, nor I : hinke any other that you can bring, warrant fuch an Ellypfs, And htj the Verbe here vf,d, bath alwayes going with it I] or .1'11,11 or x1:kY.3 and noEllyofisof V1:3 at any time. As for rIK ofit felfemetierfignifieth/ram. his commonly the note, of an Acculatiue eae : many times of an Ablative, and liignifiethwith. loynedwith a Neutrall,it may nand for a No,nin'tine , as t.Sam.17. 34a.l(ing.6.c. So if it be ioyned with a Paffiuc, as Le;:it.t 3.49. But none of then can agree here: and in any ether fettle, I doe not find chat it is euer taken. D 2 the