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36 Thefill Booke of Diuinitie, CH A P. I theman I E H O V A H : that is , G m, by opening my wombe,andmaking mee the Mother of a goodly Child, hathput me inpolfeffron(as if now I had and held him in mine armes)of that bleffed Seed, which in the fulneffe of time he will fend into the World ; whobeing the Lo RD from Heauen,íhal tread downe thehead of the Serpent, Prophetically fpoken,like to that of IA c n s, 1giue theeoneportionabase thy brethren,which I tooke out of the handof the Amorite, withmyfword,andwith my bow : It was not taken till foute or flue generations after ; but by faithbee did apprehend it, as certaine, as if it were then wonne,and tooke vponhim to difpofe thereof, as of his owne. Wherefore Kain had that name, not for his owne' fake, nor was hee the purchafe or polfcflion the woman fixed her eyes vpon. Shee lifted them vphigher, and by fo fweet a Babe, fuch as the World had neuer feene. be- fore, Thee heldher faith confirmed in the expc&ationof the.Llefab,God andMan, who, many yeeres after, was tocome out of the loynes of one of Eues Daughters. Tn effc6t fhe calleth him, The man I E H o er A H, in the fame fence that God theFat her ,Zach.t 3 7.calleth hinn,theman may feflow. Heere therefore is a cleere refiimonie of the Deitie of Chrifl : which I would not willingly lore the hold off,beingnot onely foplaine and pregnaaat,and fuch a noble euidence ofEuasfaith,but withal' an Antiquitie of fuch price , the firfl thing recorded after man was thrown out oCParadife.Which addeth,i know not how, a great waight &maiefiie to this moll fweet & gracious fpeech. And that Chrifl is euery-where called lehouah, may appeare both by theoldTeflarnent it fclfe,and efpe- daily if it he conferred with the New. For proofe wher- of, I lay before this ground , as mot': certaine and infalli- ble,that whiifoeuer the true God Zehouah is fald to haue appeared , in the likeneffeof an Angell or man , this was theperfon, not of theFather, nor of the HolySpirit, but of the Sonne, who appeared to the. Fathers as a man , to note