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CHAP. I. concerning G O D. 43 hidden and ferret things readie told, and as wee vie to fpeake , at ones fingers ends moil abfolutely and per- fe6uly knowne, which is the proper epithete of our Saui= our Chrii}, in whom are hidden all the treafures ofwife- dome and vndcrflanding, and who is laid tobee in the boforne of the Father : yea,who is the very w ifedorne of God, as tnanife(ily appeareth, by conference of the two Euaugelifls , Matthew and Luke : fer that which Chrifl faith in MATTHEW, d Behold, I fend among you `Pro_ d maw) 23424. phets, and Wife_men, and Scribes, &c. Ltr KE e bath ir, a Luke 21.49 Therefore alfo the wifedomeof God faith, Iwill fend among yoes`Prephets and Apoilles, &c. La(I of all,he is called E- ternoll, Pfalas.93.3. Thy Throne is eßablifhed from before then (meaning any time,whcrofa man may fay then)thots art from euerlafing. And that this Pfalme is fpoken of Chrifl , appeareth in the very aril beginning, Iehoreah raigneth. Salomon in hisProaerbs f Bothnotably inforce f Prou.s.22, the fame, I EH O V A H pv(fefled mein the beginning of hie way, before his workes, before then. Before the Worldwas 1 anoynted, before the beginning , before the firfI things of the Eat th,whenyet therewere no deeps was 1 broughtforth,when there wereno Fountaynes hearty with water,when yet Moarn- taynes were notfaftened, before the fhb was 1 brought forth, yet be hadnot made the earth,nor flrects,nonot thebeginning, nor drifts ofthe inhabitedworld. When hefitted' he heasrens, there was I: whenhe appointedthecircuit vpon thefaceofthe Deep ,when hefcrtified the Clouds above, when heftrength_ ned the Fountayns oftheDeepe,when he laidhisDecree vpon the Sea, that the watersAotald not pale the Cómandementof his mouth, when bee appointed thefoundations of theEarth. And hereunto ferueth that to the Colofans,g Begotten be. g cot. r.T y, fore ali Creation, or before any thingwas created, and there- fore from euerla(+ing.Agreeable wherunto is that where- by he calleth himfelfe in thehRestelation,A/pha andOme_ h Rrae1.18. get, the beginning, and the end, which wee, andwhich air, and which ittocogre , And inIoKrr,'beOreABRAHAF7was i loan8. 5,8,.