Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

88 That thedrssnk rdfnnethhainoufly againft hisneighbour endagain,' finne ofdrunkennefíce,fìnneth againtf thecommon-wealth, the cemisoai in that he todifableth himfelfe that he cannot performeany wealth. good ferules to his .country : foradrunkard canneither be good Magi flrate,nor good fubk , Iceinghe cannot ruleo- £hers that cannot rule himfelfe, nor yet manage well the fwordofiuflice,feeing oftentimes he is fo belotted , and de- priuedofthe vie ofreafor ,that he canput no difference be- tweene the fword and the fcabberd , betweene the inno- cent and offenders . And therefore not vnutly did the poore woman who had recciued an vniuli fentence from Philip King of Macedon in the time of his drunkenneffe, make her appeals, and beeing demanded to whom (heap= pealed, Peeing hee was Cupreme Iudge; Iappeale, laid fhee, from thee untoKing Philip when he is fober.Andas he can- 'not rule,Co he cannot obey ; For when the drunkard is feated vpon the ale bench,and bath got himCelfe betweene thecup and thewall,heprefently becornmeth a rcproouerofMagi - lirates, a controller oftheState , a murmurer 2nd repiner a- gaina thebefi e[lablifhed gouernment : andfuch an infolent pride and ouerweening conceit ofhis wifdomedo the fpirits of wine and fìrong drinkeinfule intohirn,thathethinkcth a whole Court of Parliament may more eafily erre in their long deliberated decrces,then he inhisprefent and rafhver- di . To this accordeth Plutarch! florieof certaineyoung men, who having bitterly inueighedagain fl King 'Pyrrhus, when they were amongfl their cups, were for this offence brought beforehim ; andwhen they could make noapolo- gie for themlelues,feeing they could neither deny the fault, .nor defend it; one of them flepped Forth and confefred the truth in this manner:It is true,faid he,OKing,rhat wee (poke all this again fl;thee, andmuch more bitterly flrould we haue exclaimed,had notour wine failed vs. Againc,he offcndeth againfl the whole common-wealth, as heels a difordered perfon,a&t}urber ofthepeace,acommon correptcroFmsn- ners; & lafily,as he is a gluttonousdeuourer oftheFat ofthe land , inwhich re'epe&} he is more pernicious to aSrate,and more fit to bringa cómon dearth,then either canker-worm or caterpillcr;for theydcfiroy the fruiteof the earth when it is TtutaYl h. dipotbeg.