Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

u That thedrunkardfinncthhainouflyagainft hisneighbour. Sg is in the fields, but therewhen it is fafcly brought into the garners, andpríuiledged from the dangerofother vermine, infatiably deuoure it. Andas they thus offend again(' thewhole State,fo again(' §.SeEL.z, particular andprillate perlons ; and that bothorangers, and lion theBrun: ordinary acquaintance, and thofe alfo of theirowne family. 1a finned* s. Againfi ('rangers: for the drunkard in his cups is proud,in. g 1 folent, difdainfull, lu pus, apt to offerall manner ofinjuries and outrages ; he is ready to quarrel with cucry one he mee- teth,todcfloute maides and defilewiues , as afterwards (halt appcare.He is a corrupter ofall that keepehim company , by his example alluring them to the like exccffe and riot ; for this priuiledge he hath about many other finners , that bee feldome goeth to hell alone, for even when he is unable to nand, he pulleth downe others with him into the pit ofde- flrur`Iion. SeE. But as thedrunkard is many'waies injurious tohis neigh- §.S enñ e bours,fo cfpecially bybackbiting, flandring, and reuealing zfua acf *fallfecrces.For as drinking looleneth the liinewes,fo alfo it ponied znirb fetteth the tongue at liberty, fo that it bltsrteth outall the backbitingand hidden fecrets oftheheart. Ifhe hauelongsmothered deepeflandering, coneejuedmaliceagainfi anyman, then he difcouereth it in his drunkenncil'c,by his difgraccfull andopprobrious fpce- ehes; ifhe haueany fecret committedvntohim , though it importcth the State,yeathe life of his ncighbour,he is then ready topublilh it . According to that ofthe Poet : eíArca- numdemena detegit ebrietas. For as his cxce(liue drinking vin. will not fuffer him tokeepe his mute in his f'omack, fo nei- res. ther wil it fufferhim tokeepe afecret in his minde.Neither is it any great wonder that he is thusinjurious to others,feeiug he.offrethas great wrong to himfelf,being not ableamongif hiscups to keepe his ownecounfell , inmatters which moll ncerely concerne him : for asit iswell laid , That which is in Plutarcb.inor. theheart ofa loberman, is in the tongue ofa drunkard. In vol. 6a,r. regard whereofanother truly faith, that vinsunelf animifpe- culum: Wine maketh the heart tranfparent, fo as the Flan- ders by may eafily difcerne it: and therefore it is needlefîe to bring the drunkard to the rack,fecing hee will beas quickly N drawne