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That thedrurl andfinnethgrieuouflyagainft God. 87 his tlomack,then topowre forth his foulebefore Clod?Now I.Thef,f.rrs thelea6ionsare not feldomc tobeperformed,but they mull be theChrit}ians continuallexercife; and therefore that he may the better performe them, hemull obferuecontinual! temperance and tobriety. Thirdly , they line again! God in the vngratefull abufe §.Seíi 4. of his creatures ; for whereas the Lord bath allowed unto 3, Theygrofli them -.a large portion,and bellowedvpon them his gifts,with abufe Gods a bountiful) hand , to the end that hereby he may mooue Cleature;, them co loue, ferue, and prailehim,with greater cheereful -. neife; they contrariwifeabule thefebenefits to furfetting and drunkenseire,wherby they difhonor.G.od,dettroy their bo- diesand foules , wholly dilable themfelues for Gods fer nice , and are altogether fitted for the fcruice of finne and Satan. And thus drunkards finne directly again!} the Ma- iet y ofGod himfeife. The which their finne is (careful- lyaggrauarcd by the circumllance ofcame, if they then con- tinue in drunkenncffc ,and voluptuous excetTe, when the Lord by his iudgements and affiólions,either threatnedor infliftedvpon themCelues,or their neighbours,or thewhole Church and commonwealth, doth call them to fatting, mourning,& humiliation.And this the Lordcon dcrnneth in thepeopleof ICrael, ECa.2a. I 2.13. And in that day theLordEfa,az,Iz.13. Godofhofs didcall untoweeping andmourning, and tobald- neffesandgirdingwith fack,çloth. And behold ioy cgladneffet flayingoxen,andkiifingfheepe, eating iefh,and drinkingwine, eating r drinking for tomorrowv"eThal die. So Amos 6.6. Amos 6,6;' They drinker wine in bowies,andannoint themfelues with-the chiefeoyntment; but noman isforyfor theaffiitionoflofeph. CHAP. IIIJ. That thedrunkardfinnethgrieuoufyagainfhis neigh bours,and that bothpubli,iely andprivately. BVt as the drunkard fir-meth againf} GOD ; fo alfo§,Seta).' againt} his neighbours ; and that both generally a- How the dr: s. gainil th 13ole Church and Common-wealth , and par-Ord ßnneth x,' R private perlons. He that is giuen to-thisag:.4 t big rreaghvcars, finne