Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

90That thedrunkardfinneth hainoriflyagainft his neighbours drawne tovnbowell his chicfefl fccrets, ifhe be brought to the Tauerne. The drunkard And thus the drunkard finneth againfl all men ; but More fnneth agap[t fpecially heGnneth againfl thepoore,in that byhis great ex. the pore. pence inexcefliue drinking, he hath not wherewithal to re- lieue them,and fo robbeth them ofthcir dueallowance:for his fuperfluity was not given him of God that lie fhould confurne it in riotous ripling , but tharie fhouldglue drinke to the powre thirfly,and bread to the hungry. Sert.4. But as he that is addicted to drunkennei a is bad abroad, fo at home he is worfl of all ; and as he is readie to offer The drunkard principally Fn- wrong toall men,Co he is roof' iniurious tohis owne family, nethagainflhia wife,children,andfcruants.For whé heis abroad he maketh oàPne family. hauockofal,heconfumeth that allowance which belongeth to the whole houfhold, he fwalloweth downe his wiues portion, and childrens patrimonies, yea while(' hepampe- reth himfelfe he defraudeth their bellies, andout oftheir pe- nury and want hemaintaineth his ownefuperfuousexceire. And yet better it were he fhould flay Hill abroad then by comtning home trouble the whole familie: for ifhe be able to fpeake, he fpendethhis time in fcoldingand rayling , or offenfiue ribauldry ; ifhe be able to mooue, he either fight- cth and braulethwith thofe who are about him ; or ifhebe pofleiredwith a more gatnefome fury, he vfeth Cuch apifh geflures,and ridiculous behauiour,as that fometimes he ex- torteth fromhis befl friends a wofull fraile , and prouoketh laughter from heauy hearts . Sothat as the drunkard when he is abroad plaieth the theefe, in robbingall oftheir due who belong vnto him, Coat his comminghome he fheweth himfelfe,either a Lionor an Ape, a Tyrant or a Foole; than may fay nothingof his flutti(h 6lthineffe , whereby he ma- keth himfelfe loathfome tohis neercfl and deareft friends; Efa.z2.8, of which theProphet plainly fpeaketh,Efa.28, 8. CHAP,