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102 That drunkennefe is the cáufe ofmany otherfnne.r. into which when man is once fallem,'there is no redemp- tion. The contderationwhereoffhould makeall Chriftians toabhor and flee from this .vice, feeing finali impenitencie mofl commonly accompanieth i ,which is the great cfi euill that is incident to man in this life, in that it is a certaine fore-runner ofeternal! condemnation. CHAP. VI. That druntenneffe is the ea/4p ofmany otherfinnes. ND thus haue I filmed that drunkenneffe is ' _` " in all refpeCts finfull. But as it is a fnne in 4 % ;, it felfe fo alfo it is the caufe of other Fames: Drnnkennefe is the taw of $' '' ,. 'for N,\ hen Satan by the helpe of drunkenneffe otherpines. bath fiollen away the heart, depriued men of the vfe of reafon, and put out the ties oftheir vnderflan- ding, then can he leads them as it were blindfold into all manner of finne, and make them his ready vaffals to a& 1.1 tis the cafe and perpetrate any wickedneffe. But that we may defcend ofvainebab- from generals we will infia in fotne particular finnes, vnto tíng. which drunkenneffemakethmen mofl prone. As firft the finnes of the tongue : for as it is true of all euill tongues, which Saint James fpeaketh, fo it is moll truly verified of the tongueof drunkards; namely, that it is a fire, yea a Iam, 3.t.x,8,9 worldofwickednes,'which defileth the whole bodie, andfetteth onfire the courfe of nature, and islet on fire of hell, anvnruy euill whichcannot be tamed,fuiiofdeadly poifon ; wherewith they bleffe God andcurfemenat thefame time,&c. 8.9. For theywho areaddiacd to this vice, they abound not only in vaine and idle talke,butalfo infoolifh and ridi- culous babling,whereby theyfome out their ovine fhame, and plainly prooue vnto all the hearers, that the hidden fountaine,of their hearts is full of deadly poyfon and flink- ing corruption, by thofe loathfotne flreameswhich Ale from their mouthes. Neither are they fparing inche fe fpee- ches, but exec fiuely frequent, and irkfomely clamorous ; the wine'beeini, to their tongues as a fi_rong gale ofwinde. to