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That" drttnkenneffe is thecaufe o f otstny other frnnes. o3 to the windmillfaile, which whirleth it about in a continu- all motion. And hence it is the idoli Bacchus was called Li- be:r pater, becaufe hefetteth the tongue at liberty to runne Plutarch fp . at randome without intermiffion, vntill excefiiue abun- prob.liba. dance put it to filence. So that it is a moll} difficult thing to p'oo,i,.. beprodigall indrinking, and niggardly in fpeaking : and therefore Bias thought it a fuflicient argument to approue his wifedoine, in; that he could ioine there two together whichare in nature fo diffonant:for being at a banquet tax6 Garr;41. tom,z. ed offolly,by a vaine babler, becaufe he faidnothing whi:- leaothers talked; anfwered,, that eaen this reafon was fuf ficient toacquit himof the imputation of folly; forwhat foole, I prayyou ( faidhe) can be filent in the midflof his cups ? Sodiuers Philofophers meeting with theKings Am- baffadours at a feat} in Athens, euery oneto commend his wìfdomevttered force memorable fentences whichmight be related to the King,. onely Zenocontinuedfilent- ; the whichwhen the. Ambafiadors obferued, theydemanded of himwhat they from him vnto theKing. No,. thing (anfweredZeno)but this,. that there is an old manat Athens who in the abundance ofwine cankeepe filence. So that it is a difficult thing to obferue an moderation in vaine talking, wherethere is immoderate drinking. : .of Tereafonzrhy ; which this reafon is rendred that the drunkard loueth to drunkards are m eak becaufe then about all other times he co hearehir elfe f on}) P fh vainemóahléa'', . bath an ouerweening conceit ofhis ownewifdorne; neither is a man fo apt to abufe his own iudgemët.,about any other felfeexcellency, namely, to thinkethat hee is more noblé; rich,or beutifull,thenthe truth is,as in this opinion, that he excellethall im,wifdome. And hence it is, that force thinke Ptato 'spud- wine was called quafi ti0rYí. iv inacq rev Ixeu $6,a arc iríeañat 5 Plrttare. Sp.,. becaufe it rnaketh thofe that drinke itto think e themfelues poflih.7. wife.Vnto,which may be. adioyned another reafon,nannely, that theyare plentifull rrdifcourfing, to the end theymay fhew,that howfoeuer they haue drunke largely,yettheyare not ouertaken with drinke, feenag they havef ill the vfe of their vnderftanding;memory,and fpeech,and fooftentimes whileff.