Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

rhatdrrsnkennefeit thecaufe manyfearefullpatnrfhments.to9 for this curfe lieth vpon this finne, that he who is addicted z.rhedr,x. thereunto, (hall not berich, Prou. z i.1 7. Yea theLord pu- ka d inbia nifheth drunkards, not only with pouerty, but alfo with penury and extreame want ;for becaufe in the timeofplen- Prou.2,!.L7. ty they take toomuch, and fo abufehis creatures, he brin- gethvpon them in the time of dearth and farnine,apropor-_ tionablepunifhment, that they fhallnot haue enough, and fo depriweth themofthe vie ofhis creatures: and like a wife Phifition after they haue furfçtted with fulneffe, he prefcri- beth a long fail, that fo they may recocer their fionackes, and for the time to come learne more temperance, becaufe their fuperfluity bringethwant, and their toomuch, is pu- nifhedwith too little. And this iudgment is threatned a- gainfl the drunkards ofIuda, Joel r.s. Awakeyedrunkards IotI andweepe,andhowleallyedrinkers ofwine, becaufe ofthenew mine,for it(hallbe pulledfromyour mouth,rc. Thirdly, the drunkard is punifhed in his perfon,and that § sect .4. bothbody and foule ; vpon his body the Lord infli&eth, The drunkard' firff, dangerous fickneffes and defperate difeafes, as bath ra pnnifhed in beetle (hewed ; for as the Lord fendeth fuch a blclJìng vp- hie body w;t on theft creatures, when they are temperately vfed with "cknrfe' thankfgiuing, that they become notable meanes for the firengtheningof thebody,andpreferuing health ; fo when they are immoderately vfed,and vngratefully abufed to the difhonour of Gods name, he layeth his heauycurfe vpon them,and fo they infecble the body, and bring innumerable. forts of fickne(fes and difeafes. Yea theLordpunifbeth this finne, not onelywith ficke- neffc,but a'fowith death it felfe, andnot fuch deaths alone §.Sel-1.g. Drrenkeaneßc which wait vpon drunkenneffe, as beeing neceffaryeffects iapxnfíhed ofthis caufe, ofwhich I'haue already fpoken; but alfo fuch witbdeath, as are more violent & vnnaturall.Thus the Lordcaufed is to perifh inhis drunkenneffe,by the hands of his owne fer- uants,i.Kin. t 6.9. And thus the Lord threatneth the Baby- lonians that hewould glue them ouer to the finne of drun- kenneffe whereby theyfhould fall into a perpetuall fleepe, euen the'leepeof death,out ofwhich the yfhould neuer a- wake, 1er.51.39. The which punifhment was accordingly Ier.5r.394,, P 3_ inf ui tcd,