Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

oft hewaxes »herbywe rahty t rFrefsrtiedfródrrenker nos, t 2,5 grieuoufly fin again(+our felues, bymakg vsvnfit for our callings,and for the p;cforrnance Mall good duties,by dif- gracingour profeffion, and bringing our fclues into con.. tempt,bymakingour feiucs thevolútary 4lauesof thisv ice, by impouerifhing our Piate,andbringing upon vs wan:: and beggery; by infatuating our vnderflandnigs,-& corrupting our veils and affections ; by deforming, difabling, wea- kening, and deflroying our hodies,andbringingour (clues to vntimely death ; by excludingour felues out ofthenum- ber ofChrifls tnembers,and ofthofe who are regenerate;by quenching the gifts ofthe fpirit,and firengthening the flefh and the lulls thereof ; by caufing our foules to be poffeffed with finali impenitencyt, which is infeparablyaccompanied with eternall damnation. Let vs alto remember,that as in it felfe it is moll fnfull,foalto it is a cattfe ofother fnnes, and afruitfull mother of all wickedneffe : -as of the manifold horrible abufes of the tongue, of manywicked and outra- gious a6tions, andparticularly of thofe fearefull fit-Ines of murther andadultery. Let vs allo call to minde,that as it is the caufe ofPanne, fo altoofmany heauy and gricuouspu- -niflhments ; for itmakethaman liable to a fearefullwo,and Gods heauy curie; it fubie6teth his name to infamy and re- proch, his {late to beggery, his body to difeafes and imma- turedeath,his,foule to fenfeleffe fottifhneffe, anddepriving the whole man of the ioies of heauen, entrethhim into the poffeffionofeternallhellifh torments. All which beingdu- lie coafidered, maymooue any, who bath not onely any dram ofreligion,but even any naturali reafon, or but com- mon fenfe, to hate andabhorre, kaueand forfake this bru- tifh finne,which being odiouflywicked in it feife,is allo the caufe of to innumerable mifchiefes. For ifthofe whobeing dileafed with the droplie, will, when they are aduifed by the wife and f<aithfiull Phiftion , rellraine their appetite, and refraine from much drinking, though by reafon oftheir difeale they are continually tormented with an infatiable thirfl, and that onely to recocer bodilyhealth, and to pre- ferne for a while their temporary life, in the meane time h t;ing no-affurance ofattaining onto their Cad with al this R 3 paines