Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

§.SeEi.;. Th?G:fianeans rb to auoid :he company of drunkards. Prou ,z; , zo, x,Cor,5 i z. tz6 Of themaneswherbywemay bepreiarsred fródrssnkenner paincs : thenhowmuch more fhould thofe who haue beene formerly addicted to this finneofdrunkenneffe, bridle their appetite , and .abflaine from exceífìue drinking , although through their accuflomable caroufing theyhaue brought :.upon thcmfelues fucha neceffityofdrinking,that it is ator- men to forbeare : feeing fo innumerable euils doe neceffa- `rily accompany it, both in this life, and in the life to come, which are much more earenePdy tobeeauoided thenmany deaths. Lathy., they who would willingly reclaime thernfelues from this viceof exceffìue drinking, mull carefullyauoide thecompanyofdrunkards.Andvnto this theWife man per- fwadethvs, Keepe not companywith drunkards, norwithgl%ttons. And the Apoftle chargethvs, that if one who is a brother be charged to be a drttkard,we fhould not fo much as eat withhim, For ifthey flill haunt this wicked fociety,after theyare recoueredof this difeafe ; theywil eafily through this cótagiousfellowfhip be againe tainted, and fall into a fearefull relapfe of their finne; for they will not onely allure them by their example, but alfo draw themwith the pretended bondofgood fellowfhip; yea, vrge and prouoke them with challenges, to anfwere them in their caroufes ; and fometimes withvnkindnes ta- ken,and threats ofreuenge iftheydoe refufe : and ifall this will not mooue them to reenter into their old courfe, they will not flicke after an impudent and impious manner to gibe and fcoffe at their new reformation, and to lay vpon them the imputationoftoo auftereprecifeneflè,in that they will not follow the praál ife of their old companions. The which motiue,although it be ofno true force in it felfe, yet is there no (mall flrength miniftred vnto it by our corrupti- ons,for the foiling and ouerthrowing ofnew conuerts; for howfoeuer the wicked are bold in finne, and care not ín what company almofl they a& their impiety, if it be not within danger of law ; yet thofe who haue not receiued a great meafure of grace, arebafhfull and loath tobe faene in any vnaccuf}omed goodneffe ; and as if it were forneblé-r inilhunto them, they are ready to blufh if more then ordi- nary