Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

the conclstfion ofthit ?'reatife. ! 2 nary piety be laid to their charge, or ifwicked men do ac- cule themof being too religious. And thus much I thought good to ípeake of the fii ne of .Seil, . drunkenneífe, both toperfwade all men to abhor this vice The conc ,/r'on who are not ouertakentherewith, & to diffwade thofe who oftbo t,catife haue wallowing in this filthy puddle, fromperfifling in thisbrutiifh courfe. The Lord make that which hathBeene laid effe&uall to thefe ends ; that NY may 9aot only performe the duties ofpiety towards him,and the duties ofrighteoufiues towards our neighbors,but alto the dutiesoftemperance and fobrietie towardour felues ; that fo by our Chriflian liues, & conuerfationGodmay be glo- rified, our brethren edified, and we more &moreaffuredof our inheritance amongftGods faints in heauen,when as we liue as it becomethhis children and feruants here on earth. The which grace the GodOf grace and goodnesvouch- fafe vntovs-for hisChrifts fake, towhom with theFather & theholy Spirit,be al praife andglorynowand for euer- More. Amen, FINZSo 9