Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

T2.8 A TREATISE AGAINST FC)RNICATIVN AND ADVL- TERIE : WHEREIN IS SHEWED THE .hainoufnes ofthefefins,the grieuoufnes oftheir punifhrrrents, and themcanes whereby wemaybeprcferuedfront them. CIIÀP. I, Thefini.ofthepeople sttdárigártbçCpmtmon4ealtk Swhen the great body ,of the Common- wealth is.: throughly purged from the noifomedregs of finne, wherewith it is oppreíled, and furcharged, it fucketh plentifully , and as it were with a good appetite, Gods liberali gifts and bleí: fings like wholefome food, the which it diftributeth to all theparticular members thereof, for their nourifhment andpreferuation : focontrariwife when thefe grolfe humors ofiniquitie and corruption do fuperabound, & are not purged either by the repentance ofthe offenders, or the due execution of judgement, and inflie hngofdefer- ued punifhment upon thole who f}ubbornlyperfifl in their wickedneffe ; it bath no power orfaculty toreceiveGods benefits,or to communicate them vnto the people for their fuf}enance and reliefe. Yea rather it waxingeuery daymore ficke,partly with the intollerable waight offinne,and partly being depriued ofthe comfortable beames ofGods loue & fauour ; like a ficke body oucrburthened with crude and corruptedhumors it feekethto.eafc it Idle; and becaufe the people §.SeEt.t. The fins ofthe people calife the land to vo., Nit outher jabttants.