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á A TREATISE OF SWEARING :WHEREIN IS SHEWED THE LAWFVL VSE OF an oth,andalfo thediners abufes thereof, both by vaine fwearing , and im- pious forfwearing. CHAP. I. whatanoth is,snd o f thedistersformes,ceremoniesandends thereof. Lthough it is not my purpofe, in this my $. SeEt, r: difcourfeof fwearing, t-o irrtreate copioufly The maine and fully of the dottrine ofothes, and of lope ofihis all queílions coincident thereunto, which treatufe. would require a larger tra6tate , then one fo bounded within the flraits of time, and di- flraetedwith multitude ofbufineffe can conueniently pub- lifh; and isnot fo neceffary, °becaufe manyothers haue ex- cellently and happily laboured in this argument; but prin- cipally to fpeake againfl theabufeof othes , byvaine fwea- ring and impious forfwearing, whereby the glorious name ofGod is exceedingly difhonoured in our times: yet for- afinuch as contraries compared and oppofed doe bell il- luttrate one another , and left together with the lawleffe a- bufe,I fhould feeme to take away the laudable and lawfull vfe of (wearing; l will briefly touch the principal) points ofthis common place , and efpecially thofe whichmake ,way to that difcourfe of vnlawfull othes, which I chiefly intend. And