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I S.$ 7bat fornication is the carafe ofmany otherhives. baue his filthy affcéïions vnfatisfied . Secondly,it is a come mon cwtCc ofquarelltng,b rauling, 6ghting,andcon fequent- Iy ofblood(hcd and murther, among(} tholewho are corri. cals in loue, or rather in beaf}ly lof}; for theharlot like voto the fait bitch intertaineth many louers, which like dogs arc ready to (harle and tea;e one another in peeccs , when the one bath theprehemincncc in her loue about theother,who fcorncth to be his equal'. And laf}ly,it tnccnfeth theparties kindredand friends who is abufedvoto wrath,whichvfually becommeth fovnreconcilablc, becauf° the difgrace redoú dethalto vnto themfclues, that nothing canappeafcit,bue the deathof theparty whobath done this villany . An ex- ample whereof we haue in Ammon murtheredby Abfolom for dcflouring his Gfler, andin Sichem, who toget.,erwith his father and the whole city, were putto the fword by Ia- cobsfonnes,for abuungDira : and in the Beniamites whole tribe wasalmol rooted our, in reuengeofthat vil/anywhich 1"4"9.8"4 was offered to the Leuites concubine. s.SeE. ;. Laftly,carnail whoredomc is oftentimes acabreoflpirítu- wheca all fornicationand idolatry, as it isfometimesalfo the ftuit the taule of idolatry. and effect thereof , for thcfc two arc feldomefevered , but as Roma. mutual! codes doe reciprocally produce one another. And °f44 this commeth topafle,partlybecaufe theLord giueth thole Irp,who are polluted with vile affccgions, toblindneffcof mind,whcreby theyare fo infatuated, that they are ready in theirfuperftitious deuotion to belecue lies, and to beabufed with thongdelufions;andpartly becaufe idolatrycommon- lyfauoureth , or at leaf tolcrateth fornication, and there- fore the whoremonger fauourcthand approoueth idolatry, which giuethhim liberty to continue in his(inne with fecu- rityofcon fcience, as before I haue (hewed m theexampleof a,Eing.rr. the Papils . The like experience we haue inSalomon,who when hewas by the allurements of (}range women drawne tobe a whoremonger,was boneafter perlwadcd to become an idolateralbo :and hauing lof{his bodily chaftity,hewith- in a while loft thechaf}ity and cleanneffëof foule; and after he had broken thecoucnant ofmarriage , hce violated allo :his.couenant whichhe had made with God. CHAP.