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That rrhoredome is thepuniihment ofotherfintier. 159 CHAP. IX. Thatwhoredome is thepunifhment of otherlinnet. Vt as whorcdome is in itfdfea.grieuous fm, sett:r, and the caufe of much other wickedrre(Te; That whore. fo likewifc it is accompanied with many dome rein it grieuous punifhments , and that bothas itisfelfe thepro init felfea pundit-lentofother liana or as'r'hmentoF it is punifhed by God with many ,fearefullotherfinner. iudgements.In it felfe it is the puntíhanent ofother wicked - ne(3e ; for the harlot(as theWife man faith )'is like a deepepit ofdeflruaiö; he withwhom theLordis angry,(namely,for his otherfins)fhalfall therein:asitisPro. 22.14. and 23.27. So and :1', Ecclef.7.28. Ifindmorebitter thendeath, thewoman ,whófe Ecc]1.7.i8, heart is as nets andfnares, and her handsstsbands'; he that is goodbeforeGod,fhallbedeliveredfrem.her,6ut thefanner.fhal h taken by her.Bywhich places is implied,that whoredo r,e is like a deepepit or dungeon, intowhich (inners fal in Gods iuá difpleafur-e; & the harlotlike a firong& mercilelíe íay- lour which holdeth men in thraldome( with whomGod is ,. angry)in thechains oflufl;out ofwhich theyca.nnor,nor de- fire not to et-cape. Yea in truth the fornicator is in ferrework cafe then fuch a miferable captiue:for the dungeon taketh a- way thecomfortable light ofthe Sun,&fodepriucth himof thevieofbodily fight; butfornicationblindcth the vnder _Handing which is the eieofthefoule, &takethaway the light ofreafon,as hash bin (hewed . In the dungeon he is fhtipped of hisgoods, &líueth in penury :butby this fin the fornicator ftrippeth himfclfe, & likea:a vnnaturall theefe,robbeth and fpoileth hisowc)e Hate to bellow it vpon harlots, till hee bee brought vetoeatreampouerty Out ofthe dligeon thecap_ tiue cannot efèape,chough a6 muchd&fre hisliberty,outof this lothfome pit he wil not cfcape,bu r rc maine tha volunra- sytlaueto to odious flrumpet,andhis ovine filthyluff ,tilby 4c.athlic is brought :forr to thebar ofGcdsiudgemër,to re- - seiue