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Thepunifhmentsof whoredome in this life, 167 but poyfonouspotions, which delightin the tafle, but kill in the difgeflion or vino bandogs,fauing that thefe hurt byftghting,they by fanning; thefe wound with biting,they withkiffing and wanton dalliance : Or like the Iúie, which whilefl it feemeth louingly to imbrace the tree adioyning, fucketh from it the naturali tap and moiflure,and fo caufeth it to rot andperifh. Laftly,as the Lord punifheth this finne in the fornicators themfelues in regardoftheir ownperfons,fo alto in refpe& oftheir poflerity. As fometimes he punifheth them with barrenneffe, whereby their offpring is vtterly cut off,and as it were, dried in thefpring, according to the Paying of the Prophet, Hof.4.i o. They(hallcommitwhoredome andnot in- creafe. Sometimes hevifiteth the finnes ofthefe fornicators in their vncleane iffue, and pulleth them vp as foone as they begin to take roote, becaufe filch pernicious weedsare not fit to cumber his Church or Commonwealth. In which refpe& lob callethwhoredome, afirewhichdeuoureth to de- f>zruCtion,andwholly rooteth oast amans increafe. With which accordeth the Payingof the fonneofSyrach; namely, that theharlots children(hall not take root, nor her branches bring foorthfruit. And ifthey liue and continue vpon the earth, the Lord commonly giueth them ouer to patrizate,and fol- low the father in his finnes, fo as vfually thewhorifh iffue maybe no more eafilyknowne by'refembling theirparents in their face andcountenance, then in their leaud liues and vnchafi conuerfation. 3 CHAP. XI. Ofthefpirituallpunifbments which GodinfiE1eth upon fornicators. Nd thefe are the temporal-l.punidhments which are infli&ed vpon fornicators, befides which the Lord impofeth vpon tham many fpirituall judgements; as firflhe fubie&eth them to his wrath& heauy difpleafure, as the Apoftle wits ïeth, Ephef.5.3.6, where he faith) that for § . Sea .R. Godpunrfbc tb fornicators in their rr, fierit¡. Hof.4, t o. Iob31, 12. Ecclef.i3:=S. §.Se£t. r. GodfuMeaeth fornicators to bis fierce twat,. Ephef 5.3.6. 1