Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

268 Thepuni[lonienti o fwhoredome in this life, for thefe finnesof fornication,vncleanneífe,and fuchenor- mous crimes, commeth thewrathofGod upon the childrenof difobedience;and therefore it behooueth vs tomortifie theft ,Col 3.5.6. earthly lufls, as heexhorteth vs,Co1.3.5.6. that we maynot incurre the heauydifpleafure ofour dread Lord and Soue- raigne ; for if we feare to prouoke againfl vs the Tuft wrath ofanearthly Prince,becaufe in the light ofhit countenance is Pro.16.t4,I5 life, and hisfavour is as cloud of the latterraine ; whereas & 20.2. contrariwife thefeareofa King is Ii1Ze the raringofa Lion, & his wrath is as themeffengers ofdeath : then how muchmore (houldwee auoide thofe finnes, which prouoke the heauy wrath oftheking ofkings, whole voice is like the dreadfull thunder, and whole wrath caufeth death eternall of foule and body ? Ifwe are loth to difpleafe mortal]. men, from whomwe receiue worldlybenefits, then howmuch more the euerliuingGod, inwhomwe liue,mooue,and haue our all Aft'17.t8. being ; and fromwhomwe expe& our good, bothhere in this life, and the life to come ? and if we feare to offend them who haue onely power tokill the body, and cangoe no further,thenhow shouldwe trembleand quake to com- Matth.10.28 mit thefe finnes of vncleanneffe, wherebyhee is wrathfully incenfed,who is able todeflroyboth bodyand foule in the fire of hell? Secondly, the Lord vfuallypunifheth thefe finnes ofvn- SSCt1.2 cleanneflewithblindnes ofmind, hardnes of heart, carnali God posit/nth fecurity,& final impenitency,whereby it commeth to paffe, fornication ni.. that fornicators are hardly reclaimed fronrthisvice,but be- tencieand inggiuenvp to their ownevile luf}s and affe6lions,andvnto bardneffeof a reprobate mind, they continue in thefe finnes not only in heart, rI.z6,z8. their youth,but alto inold age, and euen when their bodies are impotent and difabled, their minds areftillvncleane, & their tongues are exercifed in ribauld and filthyfpeeches;fo hard a thing it is to get out of the bondageofthefe flefhly lufls when once we are inchainedwith thy:To this purpofe theWifeman faith,that theharlotshoufe tendeth todeath, & herpathsunto thedead. Allthey thatgoevnteher returneno againe,neither taketheyholdof thewaies o f life.Prou. 2.18.19. Andofthis there maybe rendred diuerk caufes : as firf}, be.. caul;