Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

l'e`ptinifbment of whoredom in this life. t 69 eaufe thefe fins of vncleanncffe dobring vpon himwho is Prou z.18.r9 defiledwith them fuch ablockifhflupidity & fenfeleffe fot- The tat f-r tifhncffe, that heneuer thinkcth ofthe fouleneffe of his fin, why fornicati- on, accompa. nor of themanifold inifchiefes which doe accompany it ; ,lied zvirh ren. neither yet is capable of any admonitionor inftru&ion fr6 penitencie. %others,wherebyhe might be reclaimed;for when he is once r. BecaLfe -bewitched with the Syren tunes of thefe inticing harlots, w'oredome andbath receiued thefepoyfonous potions of bealtlyplea- forth mea fures, he prefently lofeth the vfe of his reafon andunder- flanding. and thoughhe retaineth ílill his outward fhape, yet in his heart, affe&ions, and inward faculties,he is tune - formed into abrutifh, or rather blockifh creature, fo that a man mayas well with perfwafionmooue a fenfeleffeftocke, or with reafon diffwade a dog from followinghis fait bit- ches, as he canby any waight of argument withdraw this walking blocke, and this talkingbeaft from accompanying his wicked flruinpets; for either the hideous noife ofhis tu- multuous lufls domake him deafc to alladmoniti6,or thefe poyfonous cups of filthy pleafure do intoxicate his minde that beevndcrltandeth not what heeheareth, or finallythe force ofluit fo violently tranfporteth his affec ions,and the harlotschaises ofalluring inticements do fo furely in thrall him, that if he heareth andvnderflandeth profitableadmo- nitions & inftru&ions, yet he regardeth themnot, but can- not, or will not, or therefore cannot becaufe he will not, Ieauehis fin,to which asa voluntaryflaue he is fubieled. A fecond caufe oftheirimpenitency is, becaufe their fin §. Set't.3. iscommitted in fecret,hauing noother witneffeoftheir fa& The fecond but God,their owneconfcience, &Satanwho bath drawne caufe ofthe them to this finite. For as lob faith ; The eieof the f °r"'catorr penitencíe ; svaitethfor the twílight,andfaith, noneeie(hallfeeme,and di f becaufehia'fn guifcthhisface : Iob 24.15. and hauing committed wicked- ie committed nefle,he wipeth his mouthandfaith, Ihawnot committed ini- t"feeret quitt: as it is, commeth topaffe,that Prou 30.20. they securelygoe forward in their finne, becaufe theywant the ordinary meanes which íhould bring them to amend- ment ; for when as menknownot their wickedneffe, they cannot adtnonifhorreproue th'e' for it,uor curethe wounds Z which