Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

17® The ptnilhment of whoredom in this life, whichwere neuer difcouered, till they feller & rot in their corruptions; theyare exempted from fharne,thevftiall com- panion offin, and caufeof forrow, which oftentimes brin- geth that repentance which is neuer to be repentedof.They are alfohereby priuiledged from punifhments infli6}ed by humane lawes,which are the cords of-men that draw finners vntoGod,& fuchadmonifhers as will make the fenfes con. ceiue them,when the vnderfiâding is befotted. But let fuch men know,that their fecret ofthefe works ofderke_ ne%will little auaile them; for what will it profit chefe of- fenders that other men are ignorant of their faults,when as they are known vnto their own confciences,who beare pLI39,rI I3. witneffe againfi them,vntoGod their Iudge, who will con. Proa.s,zo. demne them, and vnto Satan their acculer and executioner, who will torment them ? VG hat v, ill it adaantage them to (hunthe fhame ofinen,when as,at the great day oftheLord theirfilthines being difcouered, they (hall bedifgraced be- foreGod & the bleffed Saints and Angels? What will is be- nefit them to haue efcaped humane punifhments which might haue reformed them, and brought them to repen- tance, when as they (hall eternally betormented in hell fire without hope ofdeliuerance ? ,Secsf 4 The lafi caufeof this impenitency is the fweetnes of the The third finne vnto a carnal! appetite , and the great delight which fornecato aim- worldly men take inperpetrating this wickedneffe, which penitence, u wil hardly fuffer them tobe weaned from it,either with the the fireetne1Je bitternes ofprefent euils,or with the apprehéfion of' future of this finne to punifltments. For fuch neerecorrelpondence and intimate bu carnaliaP- friendfhip there is betweene the flefh, & thefe flefhlylufis, petates. that the carnal man is ready toventure through fire and wa- ter,and to hazard health and wealth, lifeañdlim, for the fa- tisfying of his filthy pleafure : neither will hee eafily lofe that which he hath fo dearely bought,but willrather indure all extremities, thenhee will part with his finwhich is more deare and fweet vnto him then life it felfe. Byall which it may plainely appeare, that thefehunes of vncleanneffe are moil pernicious vntoour bodies & foules,in that they con- tinuevs in impenitency which is the certaine forerunner of ctcrnal)