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Y 72 7l;epunifhments of whoredome in this life. tobe in continual' feare left hisfast beeing difcouered, his namefhould beexpofed to infamy and reproch,and hisper. fon to the danger of thelaw;and this makcth him fufpitious of his friends, and fearefull of his enemies, if therebe but the leafl ieloufie ofanymeanes,whereby his works ofdark- neffe may be brought to light. And this Iob notably defcri_ Isb74.16. beth, Chap. 34.16. Thewhoremongers dig throughhoops in the dark!, which they markedfor themfelues in theday, they knownot the light. 17 But the morningis veto them as thefha_ dory ofdeath : Ifone know them, they are in the terrors ofthe fhadowofdeath.Yea though theyhaue fo fecretly abed their wickednes, that they are in this refpe&fecure,being affured that they fhall neuer be difcouered, yet ifthey beenot men of fearedconfciences, they arc continually haunted with terrors and troubles ofmind, as it were with heliifh furies, when as beeing guilty of there foulefins, theyconfider that their Iudge is alto awitneffe of their hiddena&ions,& that one day they fhall be called toa reckoning,when as theycan 14Cor.6.9Io haue but littlehope that it will goe well with them, feeing Apoc.zi.8. the fentence ofeternall death and condemnation is already palled vpon them in his word, which is his infallible truth, that adrnittethofno-change or alteration. Who therefore would for abrutifhand momentany delight piercehis con fcience with fuch deepewounds which are fo long in hea. ling,and bring frith continual) griete and bitter torments before they canbe cured?Whowouldat fuchhigh rates(as the Joffe of Gods fauour, and the peace oftheir ownecon- fcience) buy either (at the bet+) continual) caufe ofrepen- tance,orotherwife the reffleffefeares,and torturing' terrors ofaguilty foule, euen to the endoflife, efpecially confide- ring,that thereprefent terrors ofconfcience,are but the be ginnings of the eternall bellifh torments ? C:.xA r; , o